Questions From Readers: Saturn and Virgos

CAG writes: I hear Saturn is bringing good thangs for Virgos?  Starting maybe the 20th of this month, and going for something like 12 – 26 years? Where is he going and what has he been doing to me?

What Saturn is bringing Virgos is relief! For most of the past three years, Saturn has been in your sign, Virgo. On July 21, he will leave your sign for Libra and will not return to Virgo for about another 28 years. That’s how long you have until another stretch of life comes around like the last three years. Now, this doesn’t mean that Saturn isn’t going to influence you in some way. He is always moving through some part of your chart. But the big, inescapable, unavoidable, at times crushing pressure he has put on you will not come back around again for almost 30 years.

Saturn challenges us to act responsibly in and commit to whatever area of life he is moving through in your chart. During the two to two and a half years he spends in your sign, obligations and responsibilities increase. Life becomes more serious, because you are learning to take yourself more seriously. Saturn brings lessons of maturity and competence. Circumstances force you to work hard. If you have been handling your business properly, doing your homework and using your power responsibly, Saturn brings a pay-off and rewards you at the end of his time in your sign.

Here are the dates of Saturn’s most recent transit in Virgo: end of August 2007 – July 21, 2010, with a breather from the end of October 2009 until the first week of April 2010, when he made a foray into Libra.)

One more note about timing: The foundations you laid and progress you made during Saturn’s time in your sign will be tested in about 7, 14 and 21 years (depending on when he contacts the sun in your chart.)