And So Begins The Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipse Cycle

Talk about extreme: this solstice we have a total lunar eclipse in the last degree of Gemini. Lunar eclipses are extreme events, a total eclipse even more so, and put it at the end of its axis and everything is larger than life.

Add to it that the sun’s ruler is Mr. Bigger-Is-Better himself, Jupiter. Nothing’s subtle or minor. Everything’s grand scale. If your car is breaking down, it’s REALLY caving in. If you’ve had a burglary, you’ve been cleaned out but good.

Not to mention that the sun is hanging around with Pluto, lord of the underworld, wielder of the sharpest, most focused scalpel in existence. He knows where the skeletons are, where the secrets and decay are, and where to cut.


Since today’s event is a lunar eclipse, it’s got a huge air of escalating and summing up — bringing matters to a head that have been whipping up for a long, long time, as far back as late 2003.

The axis deals with how we think and what we say, how we travel about and what we believe about reality, as well as publishing and the media, higher education, planes, trains and automobiles, legal matters and foreign people, places and affairs. The full personal meaning will roll out as we get toward June’s solar eclipse, which will catapult us into the themes and issues we’ll be thinking about through 2013.

For now — look at what’s unfolding in your life as the embodiment of your beliefs — your thoughts made real. If you don’t like what you’re seeing…how could you alter what you’re thinking?

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