Out With the Old, In With the New, and How!

The year starts with an eclipsed new moon in goal and security oriented Capricorn, which inspires us to get cracking on all the home, career and relationship changes we’ve been mulling over for 18 months or so. On the same day the final Jupiter/Uranus conjunction peaks, with one last explosion of light bulbs popping, chains breaking and frames of reference tilting wildly.

Good fortune is raining down, for real. If you don’t see how, ask to be shown! Set your goals with your mind, heart and eyes wide open. Incredible progress is possible, since the skies are treating us to the rarity of some three weeks without a single planet retrograde.

Read more in my new moon report, weekly weather and January horoscopes.

For my eclipse reading special or 2011 astro-overview talk, visit EmpowermentUnlimited.net.

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