End of the Line: Mercury + Uranus at 29 Pisces

Wednesday, March 9, the planet of communication and transportation meets the the planet of sudden change. Mercury and Uranus are at the final degree of the zodiac, before each of them starts a new trip around the sun.

Surprising-to-shocking news will break. (You know the cliche about the other shoe dropping? Ha. More like an entire shoe store inventory falling from the sky, as I said in my podcast for the week of March 7.)

So will cars, computers, phones, technology…anything that has a structural flaw is being zapped and broken apart, down and up, so that we’ll replace it. Properly working tools are a must as Uranus launches a new 84-year cycle on Friday the 11th.

In the past few days my wireless router has simply stopped. A tire rod broke (under the luckiest, most beneficial circumstances imaginable– the upside of Uranus at this magical degree). In the tie rod’s death shudders, the brake switch went out. My laptop’s power cord is fraying menacingly, too. Am I tempting fate by having my wheels aligned on the day of this conjunction? Or merely working with the energies? Time will tell.

What’s breaking in your world?

In the meantime, here’s an inspirational icon for the day:

3 thoughts on “End of the Line: Mercury + Uranus at 29 Pisces

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  2. Follow-up on my car: Shoes are dropping. The tally is currently one broken tie rod end, one mystery squeal, one terror-inducing heavy, metal CLUNK under the hood. Two hours after the conjunction was exact, my car is on a lift, on its third trip to a shop today. Could third time be a charm? Please oh please oh please….

  3. And five hours after the conjunction was exact, the news comes: My car is undrivable in its current state. The pitman arm and the idler arm need to be replaced. Perhaps I should mention — my car is a MERCURY.

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