Astrology in the News: Elizabeth Taylor and Venus in Transition

Yesterday, March 23, brought the death of screen goddess Elizabeth Taylor, a voluptuous, violet-eyed, stunningly beautiful Pisces who embodied Venus in the flesh. She carried our culture’s projection of beauty so well and so naturally that her iconic status has endured for more than 60 years, even as her curves filled out and her dark locks gave way to white wisps.

The transits to her birth chart indicate that this stage of her mission is complete. Pluto, lord of the underworld and metamorphosis, is in a waning opportunity aspect to her Sun/Mercury conjunction, which embodies her artistry, the otherworldly quality of her being and the message that she came her to convey. Chiron, with his abiding wound and challenge to master the physical, is moving off her Mars, which rules her use of her body and energy — a conjunction that brought the healing of release from the body. Mars is approaching her north node, her path of destiny and her relationship to the public, a signal that it’s time to get moving. She’s in no danger of fading quietly or quickly. Jupiter is moving toward her natal Venus, a contact that will fan her flame and keep it burning.

The archetype of Venus is ready for a new earthly phase as well. We are collectively saying goodbye to one ideal of the feminine. The current position of Venus shows a completion and ending. Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, is closing in on her conjunction Saturday with Neptune, ruler of glamor, illusion, artistry and film. Their date will occur at the doorway of Pisces, where all boundaries dissolve — between fantasy and reality, between hearts, between body and spirit. On the day of Taylor’s death, Venus had reached a highly charged bridge between the physical and spiritual: 26 Aquarius, where Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron met in May 2009. The trio made an exact growth aspect to Uranus in Pisces then, linking body and spirit and changing the way in which we navigate this world. Those four bodies remained close to that degree as they danced in formation all that year. The spot that they electrified for change, though, was 26 Aquarius. Venus moved there yesterday and hit the trip wire, opening her archetype and her earthly vessel to change.

Other human goddesses are likely to depart this week, as Venus perfects her conjunction to Neptune and enters Pisces, the sign of ultimate sacrifice. And as for the new form of archetype to come, odds are she will carry more Aries and Mars energy, gearing her to function quite well on her own, thank you very much, instead of Taylor’s sorrow-tinged mix of ethereal beauty and inability to find lasting love.

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