Mercury Retrograde: Ring of Fire

Noticed an upsurge in interpersonal fireworks? That would be Mercury retrograde in Aries, which started today and continues through April 23.

On the positive end, the news has a tidy playing out of the bold and pioneering potentials of this sign. Yesterday, as Mercury was stationing to go retrograde, NASA released the first photo ever of the planet.

On the not entirely positive end…I’ve already observed a marked increase in aggression in communication. Take note: this cycle is going to plunge a lot of people into a passionate, frustrated and angry ring of fire.

When the planet that rules communication and transportation goes backwards (it’s an optical illusion), messages go astray; misunderstandings and confusion abound; technology malfunctions; traffic snarls; travel gets delayed. It’s advisable to postpone launching major projects, signing major contracts and buying big-ticket items. Double-check fine print, backup your data and allow lots of extra time when you’re on the road.

With all this happening in fiery Aries …. these precautions go double! frustration will be rampant. Confusion will spin off impatience and anger. People could twist off and be completely mistaken about whatever set them off.

The good news? This is an excellent time to investigate and research, finish old business, clean up paperwork and get in touch with people you haven’t talked to in a while. Boldness and daring will be favored.

All the same … put on that fire suit.

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