Forecast for April 2011

Most of us have never lived through a month remotely like this one. Remember the drama of the cardinal cross last summer? That was just prepping the ground.

The time is here to get moving, moving, moving on all the foundational restructuring that’s been rumbling around for nearly two years. The ego, the will and the heart are making no-nonsense contacts with agents of chaos, transformation and structure. Remember that sequence: Every process this month ends in further testing social commitments, obligations and rules that have somehow survived the earlier lightning bolts, fireballs and tectonic plate shifts.

Mars, god of war and planet of push, is in his hottest head, while love goddess Venus is moving late month into huntress mode. Things will be fiery indeed, but take care: They will not not always as they seem, with Mercury retrograde until April 23 and Neptune taking his cosmic fog machine home to Pisces (for the first time since 1848).

Read more in my April horoscopes and a list of dates to beware; take care!

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