Fog Lights On? Forecast for Week of April 11-17, 2001

No new influences are entering the picture this week. Once again, the skies are giving us a chance to process and assimilate the major shifts that happened last week.

Granted, what we’re doing may not feel like processing. In fact, it’s hard to put a label to it, isn’t it? What’s going on is so unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

Sure, we’ve been through some of the surface events before: Going to work. Meeting friends for lunch. Networking. Moving. Dealing with this or that health emergency. Reading threats of a government shut-down. Still, there’s none of the usual sense of “been there, done that.” Something feels fuzzy, unfocused, vaguely unfamiliar, vaguely unsettling, vaguely…otherworldly.

Thank the Neptunian fog that is overtaking our experience of reality. We’re in the very earliest unfolding of what Neptune’s entry into Pisces will bring. This week and the next few months are just a foretaste of what’s to come.

More in my weekly forecast and 5.5 minute podcast

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