Fire Bombs and Commitments: The Push-Me, Pull-You of the Libra Full Moon

April 17-18, 2011
10:45 PM EDT / 2:45 AM GMT
27 Aries 44 / 27 Libra 44

The Aries Full Moon is a call for balance: between our inner male and female, between the individuals in any relationship, between the patriarchy and women. Perhaps you’ve noticed something out of whack lately in at least one of those pairs?

Willful, ego-driven bursts of masculine force may make a lot of noise, may scare and threaten, may cause events to happen, up to a point, and may push against nature itself. Yet might is not always going to make right. Especially not now.

Over the past three years a countervailing force has been coming to the fore — feminine, magnetic, receptive, allowing, heart-based. She’s stepped up and claimed a place alongside the masculine drive. And she is neither retreating quietly and submissively to the shadows, nor backing down, at all.

That’s the big message in the current astrological soup, as well as the make-up of this month’s Full Moon. As much as we might wish, as much as we might try, humans can not, either individually or collectively, bend reality to our will. The heart and the feminine must have a say.

Read more. Lots more.

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