Live for Today: Forecast for the Week of April 18-24

Do you feel the relief? The sky’s influences are changing only slightly this week, yet the difference in the pressure is enough for easier breathing all around.

The fog advisory is still in effect, but that’s easing up. For one thing, we’re starting to move more adeptly through it. For another, the near-violent communication snarls will soon be abating, as Mercury goes direct on Saturday (as millions cheer).

The further we get from the weekend’s Libra full moon, the more the tension lets up that pushed so many dramatic developments out of the depths and into the open recently. For some of us, the past couple of weeks have taken a phenomenal toll physically. Others of us have been watching real-life Humpty-Dumpties tumble to the ground (or feeling like himself ourselves). His fate, by the way, is in store for everything that broke up, down or apart last week. None of it will be put back together again.

Put on The Grass Roots’ “Live for Today” and read more in my full forecast. And listen to more in my five-minute podcast.

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