Hurry Up and Wait: Forecast for Week of April 25 – May 1

That sigh you’re hearing all around is relief that Mercury has finally gone direct. What a frustrating and confounding retrograde that last one has been! So many people are so ready to move on already. And yet….while certain discussions will now go back on track, don’t jump the gun. Alas, patience is still a virtue. (Sorry!) It’s not quite time for marching forward with no looking back.

Instead, this week seesaws back and forth between floating in the moment to accelerated growth and movement. It’s as if we’re gaining strength in the Gulf like a hurricane, roaring onto land and then pulling back to build up for another assault.

Some of the gear shifts could be sudden enough to produce whiplash if you aren’t limber. So don’t fight those floating times. That’s one of their silver linings: allowing us to relax and stretch all our muscles and rest up for each big push.

Read more in my written forecast (including day-by-day insight, with flashing red lights for all the moon voids.) Listen to more in my short and not-so-sweet podcast for the week.

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