Venus, Saturn and — Cthulhu?!?! / Astrology & Magic Realism

Today Venus completes an opposition to Saturn. In many instances that means encountering an incompatibility between personal wants and the dictates or burdens of the needs of others (through a relationship, an agreement, social conventions, etc.). Perhaps you’ll hear “no.” Perhaps you’ll run to the end of your chain and have your choke collar yanked back. Or perhaps you’ll make like me and watch the astrological symbolism take physical shape before your eyes.

I woke up to the sight of an enormous, tentacled mass of driftwood that had somehow made it out of the lake and into my back yard. That looks like Cthulhu, the evil being from H.P. Lovecraft’s writings. So heavy that a shove does not make it wobble. In the relationship sector of my yard.

Oh goodie. Look what's come for a visit.

Once I poured enough coffee into the situation to accept that this was real, the astrological symbolism began unspooling. This visitation is the work of neighbors who are both my landlords as well as getting up in years (Saturn in Libra). My landlady was the driving force. She saw the gnarly blob at the shoreline, decided she had to have it (because, and I quote, “it’s art”) and instructed her husband to get it out for her (Venus in Aries on all counts). He had to negotiate assistance to pull it off (more Saturn in Libra).

I’m Venus in Aries in this equation, too. For once, “not in my backyard!” was not a metaphoric statement. My reaction was impulsive, fiery and not immediately conducive to a peaceful resolution of the situation. There’s been a history of having to hash out basic ground rules of who can do what on and with the property (Saturn in Libra), and my first instinct was that this was yet another piece of debris I’d have to deal with. Only this one defies independent action (sorry, Aries) but requires teamwork (yeah, I see you, Libra).

I ran down and touched it. Immovable. Utterly. How was I going to mow around this thing? And, a question that grew as the coffee kicked in, what did it mean that this immovable, uninvited impediment materialized in my relationship sector? (More Saturn in Libra.) Deposited by a husband and wife couple with a parental bent toward me? (Ditto.) Who enlisted a man with my sun sign and closer to my age to dredge this behemoth out of the muck and water, not-at-all veiled symbolism for emotional depths? (Ummm…could Neptune and Chiron in Pisces be joining in the fun?)

When I was calm enough to talk to my benefactors, my landlady explained and apologized for the deposit and assured me that they will be having it moved onto their property after the wood dries a bit. It was a cordial give-and-take worthy of the approval of Saturn in Libra.

In the meantime, I’m grappling with the questions of this event’s symbolic implications for me. How is this a good thing? Parental figures brought out into the open a representation of something they value that lurked in emotional depths and that I find terrifying. They dumped it without warning, permission or invitation into my relationship turf. Now they’ve agreed the dumping is temporary and soon they will be moving it away. Seems pretty obvious. I’m taking it as sympathetic magic.

One person's art is another person's vision of the ultimate terror.

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