Grounding the Fire: Forecast for May

After April’s showers — which were more like firestorms, weren’t they? — we’ll be ready to smell and cultivate and embrace the flowers that bloom in May. And, yes, they will bloom, more and more noticeably, as the month unfolds into grounding, stabilizing and something closer to calm than we’ve experienced for weeks.

En route we’ve got two more weeks of intense, bold, self-promoting, paradigm-busting derring-do, before the pile-up of planets in Aries moves into Taurus. Take advantage of your access to that high-octane fuel. Push yourself, leap, reach and dare, more fiercely and more fearlessly than you have ever allowed. You are pushing out the walls of your existence.

That urge is nearing the end of its lifespan. As Mars, Venus and Mercury join the Sun in Taurus, you will be less driven to innovate and instigate, and more inclined to tend to and enjoy what is already sprouting from your efforts. Inspect your garden carefully and weed it ruthlessly under the Full Moon of the 17th and Pluto’s contacts to Mars, Mercury and Venus May 20-21. When Venus and Mars meet in Taurus on the 23rd, you’ll be not only crystal-clear about what your heart wants, but determined to go after it — and let yourself have it. (Not always the same thing.)

With Neptune in the earliest stages of his voyage through Pisces, all of this activity — and all of existence — is blanketed with fog. It’s sometimes soft and gentle, sometimes thick; sometimes weaving magic and enchantment, sometimes deliberately obscuring, spinning or misrepresenting facts. Aim for the higher end of that spectrum (with your inner guidance on), but be mindful of the lower end. Neptune’s slow-building conjunction with Chiron will gradually dissolve many an illusion and immerse us in the truth that we are all in this physical existence together.

Read on for May horoscopes.

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