Gather Ye Rosebuds (and Some Firepower, Too): Forecast for Week of May 2

The passionate, impulsive life force of Aries continues to dominate the sky. This is the last week we will have such firepower at our disposal. It’s time to spend it while we can.

That means: push, leap, jump, dare, act first and ask questions later. No waiting to see what other people want. Traveling parties will meet up again soon enough; for now, we’re all solo scouts and pioneers.

Old paths are not the route now, either. Go for the new, the bold, the option that erupts out of the blue, the idea that’s so crazy it just might work — because even if it doesn’t, it’ll still blow open the vistas of possibilities for you. Besides, the point is not the destination; the point is launching an unprecedented journey.

That’s how you’ve been living lately, right? Don’t stop yet. The firepower dies back next week with the exodus of Mars, Mercury and Venus into stabilizing Taurus.  For now, four of the five planets in Aries (these three plus Jupiter) are moving through the last degrees of the sign, where the energies’ expression becomes bigger and more pronounced. It’s like the moment in a bonfire when all the layers of kindling and logs finally catch and erupt into enormous, roaring, all-consuming flames.

It’s truly a use-it-or-lose-it time. As if to underscore the point, the sky is throwing little in our way, for a change. This week has no brutalizing, disruptive planetary aspects, which means that life will feel comparatively calm, even with the fieriness.

The cosmic foot is letting up on the brake pedal, too. Only once do we have a void of course moon that eats an entire day (Tuesday and the first half of Wednesday). From then on we can push boldly forward without finding ourselves floating through time/space like a pearl dropped in liquid amber.

The lead-in to that one super-sized void is the New Moon in Taurus. Consider where all your bold initiatives might be leading. What are you seeding? What dreams, schemes and ambitions are coming to ground and taking root? How can and do you enjoy the physicality of existence? (Because otherwise, what’s the point?)

Flowers will be popping up soon for admiring, smelling, gazing upon and maybe nibbling, too. This particular garden has a prolonged season, because Jupiter will be moving into Taurus in June for a one-year stay.  He’ll be encouraging and increasing whatever’s there, and likely coaxing out growth as well from plants you’d forgotten.

With  a fairy godfather of this magnitude in the wings, the Taurus New Moon takes on heightened power and importance. Watch where your thoughts and words are heading. They are tangibly creating your future. Be mindful, conscious and purposeful — and factor in enjoyment, too.

More in my day-by-day forecasts as well as in my five-minute podcast.

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