Get Ourselves Back to the Garden: The Taurus New Moon

May 2-3, 2011
11:51 PM PDT / 2:51 PM EDT / 6:51 AM GMT
12 Taurus 30

The Taurus New Moon signals a gear shift in our approach. We’ve been impulsively launching, lunging after and leaping into bold new initiatives. Now it’s time for some of them to settle in and become concrete and real.

The two approaches will overlap for a few weeks. We’ll still be running all over creation for a bit longer, until Mars, Mercury and Venus join the Sun in Taurus next week, with Jupiter to follow a few weeks later in June. At the same time, we’ll start being more selective about where we’re running around and more focused where it could possibly lead.

The Taurus New Moon begins a slowing process. It invites us to put up our feet and rest a spell, to survey the little patch of world we inhabit and admire its beauty, and to tend to it as we take nourishment from it for body and soul. This is a time to stop and remember the point of all that rushing around: We are here on a physical planet, in physical bodies, to experience and enjoy both.

That fact has gone lost in the shuffle of late, with all the chaos and upheaval in the world. We are in a strange and wondrous new world, with no going back to life as it was. We are, though, beginning to acclimate, perhaps more than we have been consciously aware. This Moon is on the far side of a trine to Pluto, agent of metamorphosis, indicating that we are updating our comfort level with life to reflect the changed conditions. We’ve undergone a process of emotional and tangible downsizing, cutting out stuff and clutter and simplifying existence. Isn’t what’s left all the more meaningful? (I for one have been finding apples and lettuce startlingly refreshing lately.)

In other ways, life has ballooned into something bigger and bigger and bigger. We’ve expanded our concepts of what life could be, with a willingness bordering on insistence to risk intensely personal and satisfying pursuits. Our hearts are fully engaged in this way of life — shown in this New Moon by its growth aspect to its ruler Venus, in her Aries huntress mode and unapologetically striking out after what she wants (and she wants it NOW.)

Now is the time to enjoy what is left, to allow some of those bold, new initiatives to come down to earth, and to consider what else we want to let in, plant or cultivate. Wake yourself up! Be mindful, conscious and deliberate. Your heart and mind are in constant dialogue these days, with Venus and Mercury traveling closely together. Mercury is a magician, and soon he will take Venus’ whisperings to Mars, the guy who makes things happen.

Pay attention to your thoughts, intentions and projections into the future. What you think leads directly to what you will get. For far longer than you might think.

This isn’t just a nice little spring garden you’re planting. Jupiter will be dosing it with cosmic Miracle-Gro come June and hanging out in the garden for a year. Take care that what you’re thinking about and allowing in now (a) is positive (not phrased in terms of what you don’t want), (b) enhances your enjoyment and experience of this physical life and (c) is really what you want.

Not what you wanted 10 years ago, not what you think you should have at this point in your life, not what your family has been telling you is what you should want and have, not what you dream would be nice to have if you only had the money. None of them. Pretend you do have the money and drop yourself into the experience of having the bauble, the trip, the whatever. Does the energy of having it resonate with you? There’s your answer.

Factor in sheer sensual enjoyment, too. This is, after all, the New Moon of Beltane. Go outside and breathe in the spring air. Gaze at the colors. Listen to the birds. Bite into fresh produce. Sip wine or champagne. Indulge in a decadent dessert. No rushing through any of this. Savor the moment. It is sympathetic magic for proceeding.

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