Neptune, Chiron & The Lame Swan

As I was driving out of my subdivision this morning, I saw a swan walking on the outside edge of the opposite lane. His gait was ungainly and slow. As he approached the reason came into view: His left foot was gone. He was hobbling on one webbed foot and a stump. He swung himself laboriously from one side to the other, each step taking him only a short distance forward. He was silent, persistent, taking no notice of the

A car pulled up behind me, so I abandoned my immediate plan to take a photo of him, pulled onto the main street and swung back around. By the time I returned he’d cleared the barrier and had waddled down the bank into the water, which he was moving through slowly but more gracefully.

An astrological metaphor in action: Neptune, the god o’er the water (and waterfowl, perhaps?), and Chiron, master of physical wounding, converging in the form of a one-food swan determinedly pulling himself back to water. Not complaining. Working with what he had. Still functioning in this physical world. An inspirational icon for us all.

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