Pluto Power: The Scorpio Full Moon

May 17, 2011
7:10 AM EDT / 11:10 AM GMT
28 Scorpio 34 / 28 Taurus 34

Get out your gardening shears and trowel. This month’s Scorpio Full Moon invites us all to get to work.

The metaphoric garden that we have been seeding and tilling has reached the stage that we can see what’s growing in it. That’s the first task: taking a good look at what’s in the garden.

Some of the growth should be expected. During the Aries-heavy weeks in March and April, we shot scores of projects and ideas out into the world. As recently as the Taurus new moon at the beginning of May, some of these began settling in nicely. Some of that growth has now hit the point that we can enjoy it a bit — a perfectly appropriate action to take with so much planetary activity in Taurus.

Some of what’s in the garden may not be expected, or welcome, or even ours. The Taurus/Scorpio axis deals, after all, with possessions, values and attitudes, our individual ones as well as those in joint endeavors. Have you been investing in someone else’s work/issues/life instead of your own? Is a rate of exchange off? It’s not uncommon for one person to put most of the energy into a relationship, not get much in return and then — hmmm — resent the other person for the disparity. If that’s happening in your world, this moon ought to light up the situation.

And some of what’s in the garden may have escaped your notice. Scorpio has what I call periscope vision: the ability to see around corners and into similar places that are not directly in front of your face. This moon will draw attention to the underbelly, the undergrowth and the underground — diseases and root rot, damage by pests and the pests themselves, improper soil conditions that do not bode well for the garden’s long-term flourishing, interlopers lurking in the brush for their own furtive reasons.

The next task is addressing what you don’t want. This could require weeding, hoeing the ground and cleaning up the neighbor’s trash that’s blown into your shrubs. You might uproot perfectly healthy plants simply because they don’t suit you and replace them with ones that delight or nourish you. (Who’s planting food in their nonmetaphoric gardens? No? Why not?) You might find yourself banishing invaders, planting marigolds to chase them off or setting traps for them. A stern talk with neighbors may be in order, too, if their activities are slopping over onto your turf.

And then there’s follow-through. Some of these decisions will be slow in coming to consciousness. Some will take some time to muster up the courage and motivation. But action will take place, and how — swiftly and with no going back. (Look for much to unfold organically Friday and Saturday.)

Given the over-the-top potential of this full moon, these tasks will not be superficial or brushed off. This moon has a quadruple intensity: The usual heightened emotions of a full moon. The intensity and fearlessness of Scorpio. The stealth factor of occurring on the unmonitored playground of our psyches, during the overnight hours. And a stressed-out ruler, Pluto, who’s caught between equally demanding and unyielding archetypes of obligation and personal freedom.

Pluto’s role kicks in a good 30 hours or so before the actual event. The moon’s last major aspect before this is a sextile to Pluto just after midnight Monday AM, which props open a doorway in our subconscious that stays open until the Sun and Moon face off early Tuesday morning. Everything this Moon stirs is major, and a lot of it is cellular and far below the level of conscious thought.

Keep that in mind when your attention wanders from yourself to the behavior that you’re going to consider insane, outrageous or out of control coming from people around you. Fantastical and escapist thinking is being kicked up by this event, thanks to the Sun and the Moon making an out of sign square to Neptune and Chiron.

The people you brand as wingnuts will be coming out of the shadows. (They might return the favor of labeling, you know.) Ancient fears will be on the prowl. Some people will be freaking that the world is unrecognizable to them, or that they can not find a place for themselves, or that they have lost a control that they didn’t actually have in the first place. Nostalgia for by-gone days may be epidemic — for days that, again, actually never existed as they are currently being mourned. A desire to snuff out anything and everything that stirs these fears will ramp up. (Think the tax and legislation tactics have been extreme? Just wait.)

What’s the way out? The pressure on Neptune/Chiron dumps directly into the rationale, analytical, healing turf of Virgo. Tend your garden. Maintain good fences and proper boundaries. Eat sensibly. Make healthy choices. Clean up your own life. There’s enough to do in that garden for now.

And the last task? Rest and enjoy the fruits of your labors. The point of the garden is to nourish you. Breathe deep; dig in.

© Kathy Biehl 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact.

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