The Power of Pluto: Forecast for Week of May 16

Tie down your grounding cord! First a full moon in Scorpio, then a weekend of Mars, Venus and Mercury aspecting Pluto — this is going to be one intense week.

This weekend got the party (?) started. In my own circle that brought (a) a theatrical production stopping for paramedics to assist and wheel out an elderly gentleman in a medical crisis; (b) waves of lies and backstabbing coming to light in a nonprofit project; (c) an invoice for a huge legal fee the attorney had never discussed with the client (much less obtained an agreement for), out of the blue two and a half years late and with no breakdown of services provided or time spent; (d) a mugging that resulted in a broken nose and overnight hospital stay.

Powerful energies are afoot. Work with them consciously. For how:
☛ Read my forecast for the week of May 16
☛ Listen to my podcast for the week (it’s short!)
☛ Read my Scorpio full moon forecast
☛ Watch my Scorpio full moon video (it’s short, too!)

Be careful out there!

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