Forecast for Week of June 6

We’re in between eclipses. Not just between two eclipses, but also between two eclipse cycles. It’s an uncomfortable place to be. Unconscious impulses are controlling a lot of behavior. People you’d just as soon never see again are popping up and stirring unpleasant memories. Deaths and other era-ending events are occurring. No one seems to have enough money. You have to go into seclusion to steer clear of gossip and panic talk and foul moods, and even then they have a way of finding you.

And yet…

… underneath the universal freaking out, the sense is dawning that life is starting to get better, no matter how chaotic it may look now. Don’t you feel irrationally hopeful about the not-so-distant future? Doesn’t some part of you suspect that your situation will be markedly improved come July and August?

That’s not magical thinking (well…not entirely.) Focus on those thoughts, and on the silver linings, please. The chaos is, in fact, part of the process, clearing out garbage and baggage so that the reasons for optimism have room to grow.

More in my weekly forecast.

And in my weekly podcast.

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