Horoscopes for June

This is a month to remember. A solar eclipse in Gemini (1st) and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius (15th) spotlight what goes into our minds and what we do with the data flow. They begin in earnest the rebooting of our relationship to our information sources that will be going on for the next three years.

Mercury enters Gemini (2nd) and ups the yak factor, which is already high before he gets there. Jupiter enters earth-bound Taurus (4th) for a 12 month stay, and we slowly get serious about what we are creating down here on earth and in our lives. (Read about my Jupiter in Taurus guides here.) Neptune goes retrograde. Saturn goes direct (12th). Mars enters Gemini (20th) and talk goes into even higher gear. No one can sit still.

The month culminates in the build-up to the final volley in the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle, wrapping up two years of addressing and restructuring core issues of home, family and career, with side orders of personal identity and relationship dynamics. Seek out quiet time and empty yourself. Circumstances won’t offer that too often.

Sign by sign forecasts here.

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