Carbon Under Pressure: The Cancer Solar Eclipse

I’ve been equating the buildup to the July 1 Cancer solar eclipse with the pressure that turns blobs of carbon into diamonds. That’s what we are right now. Some of us are blubbering blobs. Some of us are damned uncomfortable blobs. Some of us are animals acting so strangely that our people are calling the vet. But we’re all carbon being pressed into a no-going-back transformation.

It’s easy to say we’ll be bright and sparkly when we get to the other side. Thing is, that “other side” is a long ways off. So for now, trace the pressure into yourself. Don’t numb or run from the discomfort. Sit with it. Consider why it’s there. What needs to change. What is changing.

My full article on the eclipse discusses this process at length and includes pointers to my articles about all the eclipses since July 2009 in the Cancer/Capricorn cycle that’s peaking now. Read it here.

Want more understanding of what this means for all of us? Join my teletalk on Thursday, July 14 at 8:30 PM EDT called Out of the Rebirth Canal: After the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses, Now What? $20/person. More info and registration here.

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