Words to Live By in This Eclipse Cycle

Having a hard time with the Gemini solar eclipse? It’s certainly stirring up impassioned talk and memories. Here’s a homing thought for the whole Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle. It’s a panel in a quilt from 1848 (when Neptune was last in Pisces, incidentally), on display at the American Folk Art Museum:

From out of the distant past comes advice for this turbulent moment. How fitting for an eclipse on the south node in Gemini.

Yakity Yak: The Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse

And we’re off! The summer eclipse season begins in earnest with this month’s Gemini new moon. It’s a partial solar eclipse, the second event in the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle that started up again last December, and the first of three eclipses that will rock our world in the next month.

This new moon is the first forward-shot in the rebooting that the Gemini/Sag eclipses are bringing — a rebooting of our mental processes, of our relationship to our information sources and data flow, of our relationship to the people in our vicinity (siblings and neighbors) and to those far away or from places foreign to us.

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