Trick Bookcases: Forecast for the Week of July 11

Life-altering switcheroos are in the picture, now that a channel has opened for a free-flow of energy between boundless Jupiter and regenerative Pluto. The channel locked into place last week, when Jupiter and Pluto completed the first of the three trines they will perfect between now and next spring. As the link-up stays in place until March or so, trick panels will periodically open up (like a bookcase in a b&w suspense film) and usher us from familiar surroundings into a space so new we didn’t have reason to suspect it existed.

More in my forecast for the week and short podcast for the week.

And in my radio appearance Tuesday night, July 12 at 8PM EDT, when I’m Allison Hayes’ guest on “Rock Talk with The Rock Girl,” CBS New Sky Radio.

And in my teletalk Thursday night, July 14 at 8:30 PM, Out of the Rebirth Canal: After the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses, Now What? Details and registration info here.

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