September Forecast: With Love, From Me to You

Look around you. What do you see? In the first few weeks of this month, the answer to that question is: YOU. The Virgo emphasis in the skies invite us to give our selves, bodies, habits, schedules and environment a thorough inspection. What needs improving, cleaning, rearranging, redoing, re(sigh)moving?

It’s becoming obvious that a lot no longer works — especially as Mars, the planet of action, continues to activate the degrees of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses and spurs us to implement the fundamental decisions and plans we’ve been making concerning long term goals and security. Yes, this means work. Some of it’s overdue, and all of it’s necessary for proceeding.

Focus on your side of the fence, please, until at least the 12th, when the Pisces Full Moon raises issues of boundaries and interconnectedness. Am I you? Or are you me? What does it matter, my friend?

Around the Fall Equinox, the sky’s emphasis shifts to Libra. It’s appropriate, at last, to look over your garden fence and start taking into account the people you see on the other side. Open the gate; open your heart. When Venus meets Saturn at month’s end, you’ll know who’s on your team. In some way … everyone is.

Recognize the song lyrics? The first person to email me ( with the correct title gets an mp3 of my September forecast or Out of the Rebirth Canal mp3 (your choice).

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