Mixed Up, Muddled Up, Shook Up World: Forecast for Week of Sept. 12

I’d say, “Could be worse; could be raining,” but here in Jersey, that’s the case all too often these days — and in Texas, that’s exactly what’s needed.

Monumental developments continue to unfold this week. Yes, we could all use a break, maybe an entire day of sleep, but that’s not part of the picture. The pace of life is not letting up, and neither are the issues that need attention and action. We are in workhorse mode, sifting through rubble metaphoric and real, so intent on the task at hand that our minds can not short-circuit the realizations and changes in perspective, heart and attitude that will be bubbling up all week.

More in my:

  • written forecast for the week
    podcast for the week
    forecast for Monday’s full moon in Pisces.
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