Freefalling: Forecast for Sept. 19-25 (and all fall 2011)

Ready for a gear shift? Fall officially starts Friday, and this means more than a change of season (though given how topsy-turvy the weather has been, the season has felt meaningless lately). This week brings astrological energies that expand our field of vision from our individual sagas to our connections with other people.

Addressing our own lives is still in priority position, mind you. Each of us still has plenty to deal with in that arena; we’re all, in some way, immersed in inward and outward remodeling projects that will continue for the foreseeable future. Now we’re adding a second major task, involving our relationships and agreements.

It’s a balancing act, appropriate for the emphasis in Libra that is building — handling our own renovations while managing and rearranging all our connections That’s the imperative we’ll be increasingly feeling, and it lasts for more than this week. It will be ongoing for the next three months, because the skies at the equinox set the tone for the entire season.

Lots more in my weekly forecast and my weekly podcast.

In recognition of the recent epidemic of upheavals, I am offering special “We’re in this together” reading rates. Rates and details here.

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