Calm Within the Storm: Forecast for the Week of Oct. 3, 2011

Life continues to be chaotic, yet balance is increasingly easier to maintain or regain. That’s not coming from external factors, though they may be reflecting it. This week, stability is an inside job.

The week brings three more meetings with Saturn, overseer of order, structure, commitment and responsibility. Mercury, who rules how our minds and bodies move about, has appointments with Saturn by declination and by degree. Clarity, seriousness and purposefulness all permeate our thinking, our info gathering and our running around.

Our personalities and approach to our lives are in for a growth spurt in seriousness and personal responsibility as well. The Sun joins up with Saturn by declination on Friday, presaging their conjunction coming next week on the 13th. A cosmic alarm clock is going off, and this one is minus a snooze button.

Relationships enjoy a special, softened, enlightened glow as the weekend approaches, thanks to the two planets of love connecting on Friday. This link does not have partners clutching at and potentially suffocating each other. Instead, it fosters plenty of breathing room and admiration for each person’s individuality, with Venus and Neptune being in the late degrees of the air signs Libra and Aquarius. It’s the sort of vibration that inspires supporting your mate/partner/friend/special person to be his or her best possible self.

For my full take on the week, read my extended forecast and listen to my five-minute podcast.

P.S. In recognition of the recent epidemic of upheavals, I am offering special “we’re in this together” reading rates.

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