How Dark Is Your Moon? Forecast for Oct 24-30

We are on the dark side of the moon, and it’s a doozy — fitting for the Scorpio new moon that follows on Wednesday. Seen the drama? Felt it? Issues that we’re sick and tired of grappling with have roared back up. Life and death terrors are cresting and rampaging. Monsters that we’ve batted down are refusing to stay in the closet, or buried in our psyches.

One friend saw her personal demons walk into a party before her eyes this weekend. Two clients called me crying so uncontrollably that they were incoherent. (Both invoked the possibility of dying, no coincidence, one with fear, one with relief.) Me, I buried myself in inner work to an extent and with an intensity that would have taken a month in our earlier experiences of time…and still degenerated this morning into screaming myself hoarse at a drain that will not plug.

Sounds stupid, right? It’s a reflection of the current energy, though. This flaw is keeping the sink from holding water for the 15 minutes needed to clean the blades for the purifiers that pull mold from the air of my storm-damaged house. (Astro pop quiz: how many Scorpio or Pluto references can you spot in that one sentence?) It doesn’t matter how carefully I place the stopper, or what else I use or stack to block the drain; the sink empties.

It’s another metaphor for this week. Keeping things in is futile. The drain is open and it is going to empty. Scream; fight; kick; scream some more; cry. None of that is going to affect the drain.

What’s behind the intensity is Scorpio moving into dominance of the sky. Jupiter, which escalates any influence it touches, is in cahoots with Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, overseer of the underworld and the subconscious, our most irrational desires and longings, and the whole gamut of skin-shedding, garden-pruning, Phoenix-into-the-ashes-and-out-again death and rebirth processes. Both of these guys will be in direct contact with the new moon, which will imprint this sky’s-the-limit, deep-cleaning vibe into the moon cycle.

Game for more? Read my extended weekly forecast and listen to my podcast. I’ve got resources for 2012-2013 up now, too. They’re in this weekend’s blog post and also on my site.

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