How Deep Is Your Love (For Yourself): Scorpio New Moon

October 26, 2011
12:57 PM PDT / 3:57 PM EDT / 7:57 PM GMT
3 Scorpio 03

Going deep is always part of the Scorpio New Moon. This year’s takes us into even deeper waters than usual.

Emotions, perceptions, intuitions and fears are heightened right now — all the sensations that come without tangible evidence or reason. Call it X-ray vision, sonar, hunches or feelings; everyone’s got an extra dose of sensitivity at their disposal.

Pay attention to it. Go with immediate reactions, before your brain kicks in and edits, censors or rationalizes. Honor the tingling of your physical radar — a tightening in your stomach or solar plexus, nervousness and uneasiness, headaches out of the blue, even excitement and exhilaration. (Radar doesn’t only pick up warnings!) Ground yourself, sit quietly and see where your attention goes. Its stops aren’t likely to be trifles or coincidences.

We’ve got fearlessness to the nth power now, too. This is an optimal time to investigate matters that can be scaring or intimidating. (Discuss joint finances with your spouse; stand up to a creditor or someone you view as more powerful; look into that surgery or will you’ve been putting off.) To dive into the subconscious, or into union with another person. To plunge through the dark and murky aspects of situations and expose truth. To confront mortality, move through loss and grief and connect with the dead. To apply a scalpel to your psyche, your surroundings, your relationships or your life and boldly cut away diseased, withering or dead areas.

Hardly the makings of an Elmo and Disney princess Halloween, are they? Watch the costumes. They’ll reflect that the holiday is more dark, macabre and potentially real than usual this year.

Read the rest of my moon report here.

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