Dishing It Out: The Sag New Moon Solar Eclipse of Nov. 24/25

This month’s New Moon is a partial solar eclipse that launches a new phase in how we perceive, think about and experience life. Heady stuff, indeed, with heady ramifications.

We’ve been changing aplenty in the past few months. Updating our beliefs is in order, and no aspect of existence is immune, not even — especially not — our view of ourselves. It won’t be clear for some time exactly where this updating is leading. It is already on the table, though, and very much in process.

We are in the thick of becoming aware of and resetting our relationship to how and what we think — and also how we get around on this planet. That’s the ongoing challenge of the current eclipse cycle, in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. The cycle started up again last Christmas and will continue into May of 2013. It’s reawakening issues and themes from roughly 19 years ago, from the end of 1991 to the middle of 1994. (You can look back in additional 19 year increments if you wish.) It will help to look at the current themes of your life in light of what you were grappling with during those years.

This week’s eclipse is in Sagittarius, which rules what we do with all the information we gather, learn and process, from the systems of thought we create (academia, law, politics, philosophy, codes of beliefs) to the media technology systems that convey them. The sign also governs aspects of life that expand our horizons by exposing us to other ways of thinking and being, including long-distance travel and people, places, cultures and languages that are foreign to our upbringing.

All of these areas are up for revisiting now and in the next six months or so, as this solar eclipse plays out. Because this eclipse is coinciding with Mercury retrograding — in the same sign, to boot — we have the opportunity over the next three weeks to come across lots of information that’s relevant to the process. As the retrograde takes us back over old turf, look for messages and insights that flesh out history and put the stories we tell about the past into quite a different light. We’re likely to get a fuller picture, discover that we made an erroneous assumption and/or question why we attached the importance or meaning that we did. In some cases, you will be feeling as if you’re hearing about a stranger’s life; that’s how much you’ve changed.

Keep that in mind when your tire blows out during an after-dark rain storm, or an 18-wheeler overturns and freezes highway traffic in both directions, or your anti-virus program goes HAL on you and blocks your computer from accessing the Internet (current, real life examples, all). You’re being bombarded with valuable data now. It’s pointing to a better, more workable future for you.

Read the full solar eclipse forecast at

Want a deeper understanding of what the eclipses mean — and how to harness their energies to navigate the ongoing change aspects? Order my 2 mp3 set “It’s All In Your Mind: The Potential of the Gemini/Sagittarius Eclipses of 2010-2013.

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