Time Is On Our Side: Forecast for Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2011

This week, the sensation continues of living in multiple points in time at once. Backwards, forwards and standing still. Life is so every which way right now. Don’t worry: you’re getting crystal clear on what matters most to you.

Oh, life is still an obstacle course of techno-snafus, unexpected reunions and adventures, spirited conversations and extremism pushing the envelope into uncharted territory. (Pepper spray is a vegetable? And a personal shopping aid? Seriously?) The holiday gauntlet has officially opened, yet beneath the jollity, real and forced, somber notes are sounding. Serious business is drawing attention once again.

That’s from the new element of the week, Venus settling into Capricorn. The fun-loving side that Venus let fly in Sagittarius has given way to practicality and a keen eye for the bottom line and lasting value, in social as well as financial dealings. That’ll change the vibe for holiday shopping (no trinkets this year!), but it has larger ramifications as well.

She’s returning focus to what’s most important to us for our long-term security, that fundamental issue we’ve been wrestling with since the summer of 2009. That’s been stripped down and buffed over the past five months in particular, with expansive Jupiter and transformative Pluto in a loose and easy flow of energy. They’ve been doing massive foundation work on the very spot that will be rocked again and again when the change aspects begin ramping up next year. The shoring up and strengthening is creating an inner security and solidity that will stay with us no matter what shakes out over the next three years.

This week, our hearts get involved in the prep work. Venus meets Pluto and make us acutely aware of cost.The sorting out that results will certainly simplify our lives, if leave us and certain others smarting from the scalpel’s touch. Whatever survives is an anchor, a touchstone, a grounding cord for the volatility that’s coming.

Meanwhile, we are in throes of another dynamic and revealing process: the corridor between last Friday’s solar eclipse (new moon) in Sagittarius and the lunar eclipse (full moon) in Gemini on December 10, with Mercury running retrograde in between. A new phase is just dawning in our world view and beliefs and our relationship to our data flow, technology and transportation. As we prepare to shoot out into new horizons, we are doing research for the journey — mostly unawares, of course — and wrapping up or repackaging old business.

The retrograde has us stumbling on important information that escaped notice before, reconnecting with old players, getting a different slant on the past (and particularly conclusions we drew about the meaning of events) and, most annoyingly but importantly, encountering one breakdown after another of equipment that has to be repaired or replaced before we move on. At the same time, the revelatory aspect of the coming lunar eclipse is already kicking in. As dramas escalate around you — and Thanksgiving brought a number to light, didn’t they? — it will help to look at them as cartoons.

The situations that are cresting with emotion in and around you are blowing something up so large that you can’t miss it. The something is connected to the power of thoughts and words, the tenacity of concepts that you heard, took in and embraced, so deeply that they’re in your cells. Some of what you see is going to be exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness, so absurd that you can not help but notice.

It’s all information — the garbled communications, misunderstandings, techno-breakdowns, traffic detours and revelations. Don’t like something? Work on it. Don’t like what something says about you? Work on you. Mars is in Virgo for the foreseeable future. He likes self-improvement projects. Enlist him.

Additional strategies and tips are in my:

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