The Magic of the Season

Today is the anniversary of my answering a knock and finding St. Niklaus at my family’s door when we were living in Germany, more years ago than I’m going to admit. The visitation was magically disorienting. We lived in a building that required buzzing guests in through both a locked gate and the front door, and yet somehow a bishop in full regalia had found his way to our hallway. Not only that: he spoke English and had our names in his book.

The oranges and nuts he delivered quickly disappeared, but the wonder survived. Learning how this happened actually enhanced the specialness of that moment in time. He was a university student hired by the neighborhood, and our landlady had made a point to include my siblings and me in his rounds. Her considerateness is as unforgettable to me as the brain-addling sight of the fabled saint in the flesh.

Possibly this memory was stirring when I got the urge today to set up my first ever holiday shop. It’s got pictures of my assistant and my usual holiday decorations, and I’ve included one of my favorite games (Adventure Elf!), which you can play on the page.

May a reason for wonder descend upon you this season.

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