Breathe! Forecast for Dec. 12-18, 2011

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Catch your breath! The roller coaster is evening out. The next DVD in the series is about to slide into the player. Your engine has started. No matter which of these metaphors resonates, the impact is the same: Moving forward feels possible, even likely, at last.

This week is much, much, much less astrologically active than last. (Return to my opening sentence, rinse and repeat.) The energies that peaked on Saturday continue to spool out, of course, but at least we’re out of the intensity of their build-up.

Information is still rolling in about the power of words and beliefs, one of the dominant themes of Saturday’s lunar eclipse, which was a full moon in Gemini. (Read my full discussion of that event here.) Revelations are still part of the picture, too. A few more are in the pipeline, though likely not as huge as what has surfaced since the beginning of the month. More data is coming, too, on the ones that have already surfaced.

Some of the disclosures this eclipse is knocking loose are downright game-changing, and that will continue to the case as the eclipse plays out. For some of us, these have the effect akin to shining a light on the monster under the bed, or catching sight of a tiny gremlin that’s been lurking beneath the front seat of our car and grabbing the steering wheel with long, spindly arms. For others of us, messages have kicked over the game board we envisioned as the future and rearranged the playing pieces into startling and exciting possibilities.

Actually, everyone’s warming up to startling and exciting possibilities now that Uranus the awakener has turned direct. It’s as if a key has turned and freed us from an internal prison, and/or an unseen hand has turned up the gas jet and sent our inner flame from a flicker to a roaring fire. A raw and potent life force is blazing within us — one that makes it impossible to tolerate the intolerable any longer (c’mon, admit it; you’ve been doing that) and fuels the gumption and bravado to strike out for territory that is new, and true, to you. Each of us knows that a certain way of life — of approaching life — is on the way out. We’re just beginning to dabble in what is taking it’s place.

No rush. We will be grappling with the ramifications of all of this for some time. The planet of communication is offering help with the process. For three weeks, Mercury has been assisting in ways that haven’t been entirely welcome — throwing people and information from the past at us, snarling travel (which gave us time to ponder, if we took it instead of fuming) and stressing out flawed technology and vehicles to the point that we’ve had to repair or replace them (which ensured that we have reliable tools for the next stage). All were byproducts of his retrograde cycle, which is ending now.

The week begins with Mercury stationed (not moving). He turns direct on Tuesday — at the very degree of the Sagittarius New Moon from Thanksgiving weekend, which was a solar eclipse. Comfort and flow in communication and travel will be a few days in coming. By the weekend, we’ll be openly and actively processing and assimilating the revelations, realizations and liberations of the latest eclipse gauntlet. Our thoughts and conversations are moving to the future and what we are going to do with and about everything we’ve been hearing, witnessing and realizing lately. A distance of time and space and a clarity of perception are coming that will make sense out of much that happened during the window between November’s solar eclipse and last week’s lunar.

The big push forward doesn’t come until after Christmas, and a fuller picture of where we’re heading may not arrive till the next round of eclipses in May and June. We’re clearly and consciously preparing for take-off now, though. Think of yourself as a pilot in the cockpit with the engine warming up while you run down your pre-flight checklist.

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