The Merry (?) Christmas Capricorn New Moon

December 24, 2011
10:07 AM PDT /1:07 PM EDT / 6:07 PM GMT
2 Capricorn 34

This year’s Capricorn New Moon is a stark, ground-breaking and ground-laying event. It’s got a cold and calculated air, in strange juxtaposition to Christmas Eve, the day on which it falls. Yet the connection is solid and profoundly meaningful. Even with its atmosphere of less (which in some cases is also loss), this New Moon does promise rebirth and growth, completely in keeping with the underlying, often obscured purpose behind this holiday.

The energies around this New Moon bring to mind preparing a garden for winter: fiercely pruning and trimming some plants and ripping others out, with the goal of maximizing growth to come. Next year’s garden won’t be the same as this year’s or even as planned up to this point, due to an element that inspires impulsively repurposing a portion of the garden as well. Still, the point of the exercise remains preparing for and supporting future flourishing. Hold tight to that. It’s the silver lining in everything that happens, shifts, rearranges or goes away now.

The Sun and the Moon are meeting in the sign that naturally encourages an eye to the future, long-term planning and determined, unemotional effort. This year, their conference has the destabilizing participation of the two cosmic change agents, Pluto and Uranus. Pluto is interjecting his imperative to transform — to streamline, to cut away, to release — fundamental goals, structures and situations. (This can also extend to seizing power and control; watch for government, military and police action in the news.) Uranus is demanding a radical break from the old ways, and particularly from thoughts or structures that limited our ability to flourish as individuals. (Don’t think that the Occupy movement is going away anytime soon.)

Meanwhile, Jupiter is in an easy flow with the New Moon, trining it from the first degree of the first earth sign, Taurus, in the final hours before he stations direct tomorrow. This contact is a slow-acting blessing that prolongs the playing out of the New Moon’s energies while anchoring them firmly to our worldly existence. Because Jupiter is also in contact with Pluto and Uranus (in a trine and adjustment aspect, respectively), his presence also escalates the depth of the cuts, the abruptness of the change, the starkness of the course corrections being required now. All have tangible, practical, mundane effects. We are actually, deeply how we experience and relate to the physical world.

The most dramatic evidence of this will not blossom until spring — the end of this season — when Jupiter makes major headway through the sign of Taurus. And, no coincidence, the revolutionary/evolutionary alchemy of this New Moon lasts that long. It colors the entire winter, because it occurs so close on the heels of the solstice.

Some of the cuts you’ll experience from this New Moon will not be of your conscious choosing. Focus on the ones you do choose, and on what practical responses are available to you for the ones you don’t. Be mindful of and embrace the actions and decisions you are making as you put your garden to bed for the winter. Choose for your long-term health, support and flourishing.

What you require may be, and likely is, far different from what you previously thought — less, in some ways, but deeper, stronger and more meaningful, in others. Look at this New Moon as decluttering the garden. You’re removing competitors for nutrients and space, which could otherwise crowd out or malform the plants you require. No explanations or apologies needed.

© Kathy Biehl 2011. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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