Out With the Old! Forecast for Dec. 26 – Jan. 2

The end of the year already?!? Yes, you can believe it? That’ll be the topic of conversation for days. While you engage in the usual round of pre-New-Year’s chatter (where has the time gone?), watch for the telling undercurrent: the ending vibe that’s with us now. We’re ending more than an artificial unit on the calendar. A lot more.

A long-awaited, long-simmering process is kicking in. We’re no longer merely gearing up for take-off; we’re lifting off.
Pushing the pedal to the metal and moving forward. Putting one foot in front of the other and starting the long-distance sprint. Whatever movement metaphor works for you, it is morphing from concept to reality, with one little twist.

The journey we’re beginning is not a diversion, or temporary, or a round trip. We have a short window for going back to pick up something we forget, or make sure we turned the stove off. By April, though, the passageway will close in time/space and there will be no more turning around.

The lords of our festivities this week are Jupiter and Pluto. Together they spell: Big Endings. Well, whaddya know. You sense that, don’t you? We’ve all been acknowledging that. (Just look at your holiday preparations — haven’t you been starkly aware that this holiday is a departure from the past?) The End of Some Part of Life As We Have Known It is part of the vibe of last Saturday’s new moon, and that’s coloring this week as well as the entire winter season, all the way through to the spring equinox.

The teamwork of Jupiter and Pluto encourages action that is both slow, deliberate and practical and penetrating, fearless and permanent. We’re not merely carting wrapping paper and ribbons to the curb all week. An epidemic of cleaning and clearing out is on the way. You’ll be shelving this year’s latest acquisitions when your eye will fall on objects to which you have lost all energetic connection — and then the purging begins. What doesn’t hit the trash bin is bound for giveaways, because who has the patience or time for eBay these days? (If you don’t know about Freecycle, check it out!)

The slow, deliberate and practical part of that planetary equation comes from Jupiter, now hovering direct at the first degree of the first earth sign, Taurus. He’s gently renewing optimism, inflating a second wind, erasing exhaustion and feelings of futility, and rekindling belief in the validity and plausibility of your material goals. Whatever else has been going on — and some of us have been grappling with truly stark and sobering developments — Jupiter lights up the bright spots and silver linings. He is providing reassurance that all is really for the best, showing the value of what remains and promising a payoff in the spring.

Jupiter’s also giving the go ahead. He’s linking with Uranus at the first and fieriest degree of the zodiac, who ignited our inner engines when he went direct on the 10th. We’ve been idling our engines since then. Yes, you can go now, Jupiter is saying; just don’t jump ahead. Step by step. Still. (He won’t move off the first degree of Taurus till mid January.) But steps forward, for a change.

As subtle as Jupiter is, Pluto is the opposite. We can’t miss seeing the effects of his hand, and particularly his scythe. His impact continues to be stark, streamlining and purifying, ushering out situations that have expired and exposing others that could be threats if not addressed.

He has meetings this week with Venus and the Sun, as well as important contacts with the Moon. The effect of this is to make the meaning of last Saturday’s New Moon personal and internal, very quickly.

Monday’s growth aspect to Venus brings a simplicity to our hearts, with a scaling back in our desires leading to a more intense connection to the ones that remain. Maybe we’re around fewer people this holiday, but the ones who are there are truly, madly, deeply present. I’m thinking of several situations in my circle involving recent and scary health dramas and can see the family members viewing each other with rededicated appreciation and gratitude.

Thursday the Sun has his annual meeting with Pluto, opening us to the rawest and most profound awareness of our personal truths. Outmoded parts of our identify are going on the chopping block, or out to the curb in the ethers as well. The potential is great for healthy personal empowerment, facilitated that same day by cooperation between the Moon and Pluto.

Then comes the demand for action, the imperative for inner transformation, the cosmic alarm clocking going off and summoning the butterfly from the cocoon. That’s the impact of the final major aspect of the year, a square from the Moon to Pluto. 2011 is not going out easily or quietly, and it is not going to let anyone carry excess baggage willy nilly into 2012. Not no one, not no how. Everyone must drop something, even at the end of the line.

Toss out the glass that is half empty. Pick up the one that’s half full — then pour it to overflowing. Toast the departed. Toast what and who remains. Open your heart to the growth and adventure that are coming.

One caveat about celebrating New Year’s: Late-night driving is potentially problematic-to-nasty thanks to a Mercury/Mars square around 1 AM EST (midnight CST, 11 PM PST). Road rage, arguments, brushes with the law — you don’t want any of them. Take care.

More in my day-by-day forecasts and my six-minute podcast for the week.

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