An Easy Intro to a Startling Year: Forecast for Jan 2-8, 2012

Happy New Year! Yes, the much ballyhooed 2012 is here at last. Are you shivering with antici….pation? Probably not. You wouldn’t know 2012’s here except for the change in the calendar. The memorable nature of this year will make itself unmistakably known in a few months, but as for now, the sky is hardly tipping its hand. It’s not even delivering a week with anything noticeably new, much less the feeling of the start of a new year.

What we have instead is a dawning sense of progress, slow, steady and palpable. For a rare, welcome and brief change, all the planets are in direct motion, which translates down here into the feeling — and actuality — of getting somewhere at last.

Developments may not be quick, dramatic or huge just yet, because the preponderance of planets are inching along. Mars, the planet of action, barely covers two degrees of the painstaking sign of Virgo, and since he likes to go, go, go, this opposite of speed may spark frustration and nitpicking. Jupiter, the planet of growth, is even more leisurely. He’s in its second week of ambling through the first degree of Taurus, the sign most inclined to an unhurried pace. Slow doesn’t begin to describe this influence, but it promises a tangible payoff, as if Jupiter is slowly, carefully, methodically dousing the Taurus area of our charts with cosmic Miracle-Gro.

Work with this vibe. Don’t run around in a frenzy trying to force things to happen. Pace yourself. Tend to each tiny detail as it comes up. Make lists. Recraft your action items — and your resolutions, if you make them — from big goals or generalized targets into a sequence of steps. Incremental actions are leading you onward, rather than in a loop or back on themselves or into a repair shop, as was so often the case last fall.

Mars (drive and ambition), Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (penetrating change) are all in earth signs, which means the forward motion is taking place in practical and mundane arenas of life. With Saturn (structure) and Neptune (inspiration) in an easy flow of energy, progressive, otherworldly visions of how life could be are coming down into reality and taking physical form. You are laying your path with solid and sturdy paving stones, working carefully on your garden and/or firming up the foundation for the next levels of your structure. (Pick as many metaphors as you like).

Our thought processes and communication flow get on board with this when Mercury takes on the long-term goal orientation of Capricorn on Sunday. The emotional side of the process heightens, too, with the build-up of the Cancer Full Moon just before midnight Sunday on the West Coast and on Monday elsewhere in the northern hemisphere. (More on the Full Moon in my report, which will be posted by Saturday.)

So we get to ease into this year and into forward motion, without any violent lurching or whiplash.
Lord knows, there’s still plenty to sort out and put in order from the Plutonian activity that marked the holiday season. This week has the space for that and more. Settle into each moment. Look up occasionally for an idea of where the sequence is leading; take the time to bring form to your vision of the future, too.

We’ll be backtracking again in a couple of weeks, when Mars goes retrograde. By spring, gardens will be sprouting and change will be busting out all over. For now, we have this optimism-inducing, potential-laden snail’s pace. Enjoy.

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RESOURCES FOR 2012: I have two tools (so far!) for navigating this monumental year, which will not be like any in our lifetimes:
Jupiter in Taurus guides: Where you are cultivating good fortune, through June
It’s All in Your Mind mp3s: A discussion of this year’s eclipses and challenging aspects, with strategies for making the most of them 

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