Astro-Outlook for Jan. 2012

For all hoopla over how monumental 2012 will be, the year gets off to a disarmingly gentle and supportive start. The first three weeks bring a welcome sense of possibility, as well as incremental, tangible progress. So often the skies counsel watching, waiting, allowing and going with the flow. Not this month: the invitation now is to work, yea, even push, diligently and steadily.

That’s the priority in the first three weeks. All of the planets are in direct motion until the 23rd, when Mars retrogrades in detail-oriented Virgo for some reworking and tidying up of recent developments.

Venus, the ruler of our hearts and all we hold dear, spends the second half of the month in the all-connecting waters of Pisces. Since she’s halfway across the zodiac from her consort Mars, work and relationships may fall into two distinct and divided camps. Still, there are pluses to this set-up. The goddess of worldly love is at her best in the sign of higher, universal love. Creativity soars; people are just plain kinder to each other.

New ways of structuring our relationships are coming more easily into form, too, thanks to a first blush of cooperation between worldly Saturn and transcendent Neptune. (Their teamwork will lock into place come the fall.)

The moon is full in Cancer on the 8th-9th, highlighting the importance of including emotional security in all that striving. The Aquarius new moon on the 23rd orients us to the future and inspires innovative tactics to get there.

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