Heart Light: Forecast for Jan. 9-15, 2012

Get ready for another week of steady, forward progress. We’re still in a rare stretch of every single planet being in direct motion. Nothing in the sky is getting in our ways. Nothing is making big demands on us, either…for the most part. This week’s aspects are nudges instead of shoves, whispers instead of orders, suggestions instead of ultimatums … for the most part.

I’ll explain the allusion in a few paragraphs. But first: How have you been doing with the pace? Have you had slow-building momentum or a dizzying rush? Most of the people around me are in the first category. If you’re in the first, take heart; your efforts are indeed getting somewhere (and somewhere you want to be, to boot). If you’re in the second, find your moments and points of ballast/balance and sink into them. They will prove very, very useful. What we’re getting now is a warm-up for the acceleration we’ll experience in the spring, when the glimmers of hope and growth you’re seeing will erupt into bloom.

Keep looking to the future, even when you’re dealing with the past. Some of that will continue to wash up at the beginning of the week, as Sunday/Monday’s Cancer Full Moon gradually recedes. Waves of emotion will continue to crest for a bit, drawing attention to issues of home, security, belonging, nurturing, support and success. We’re seeing the logical (and, in some cases, completely illogical — nothing rational about a Cancer Moon!) outgrowths of decisions and reprioritizing that have been going on for the past 18 months.

Some of the outgrowths will be reassuring, some bittersweet, some nostalgic. All of them are signs of your personal evolution — the happier ones showing how loved you are (or how far you’ve come), the others pointing to chapters that are (or require) closing. In many instances, there’s really nothing overt for you to do besides acknowledge and accept what has washed away, like writing in the sand at the edge of the ocean.

The rest of the week, with the exception of Friday, has a dearth of major aspects, even to the Moon. Influences are subtle, nuanced, vague, just uncomfortable enough to egg on ambitions, motivations and momentum. We’ll have plenty of incentive to keep plugging along, and lots of teeny irritants to discourage growing complacent or feeling stuck.

The main event — the exception to “for the most part” — peaks on Friday. We’ll be seeing a build-up all week, but so much crystalizes on that day, which brings unprecedented clarity, truth and sacrifice. We are completing a significant chapter in the journey of our hearts and spirits, one that we will never experience again.

Four big events happen on Friday. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, finally moves from the first degree of Taurus, where it has been seemingly lounging for the past three weeks or so. Moving an inch has the impact of traveling a mile; see if it doesn’t.

Venus, ruler of what we value (relationships, money, talents, possessions), makes a stabilizing, grounding link to Saturn, the bringer of rules and order, who’s occupying the last degree of the relationship sign Libra (and one of Venus’ homes). What’s important to us settles in; whew. We’re setting up structures and commitments for the future, built on reciprocity and mutual independence (ponder that one), affecting and supporting our whole web.

Mercury, who rules what we think and say and how we get around, meets up with potent, all-transforming Pluto. Thoughts are crystal clear and bottom line. We are brutally, ruthlessly honest with ourselves and with others. Messages and conversations are enormously important, to the point of life-changing. They clarify. They end. They cut away. They simplify. They empower. While they may not be fit for a Hallmark greeting card, they’re not necessarily cruel or vicious, though. In fact, they are likely to be expressions of love.

That’s because the two planets of love, earthly and spiritual, are meeting on Friday at the last degree of Aquarius, just before Venus moves into Pisces and a few weeks before Neptune follows suit. The vibe has staying power throughout the weekend, too, since Venus and Neptune are meeting again on Sunday, that time by declination. When earthly love meets the divine, hearts swell with compassion and understanding and a gentle sweetness pervades everything else in the sky. (Hence the Mercury/Pluto developments really being for the best.) This particularly meeting has definite contours, though, and not merely from, again, those Mercury/Pluto developments.

This is the last time in our lives that Venus and Neptune will conjoin in the sign of Aquarius. It’s the last time that we will experience the merging of worldly and higher love as a futuristic, progressive concept. It will be far more immediate, real and a natural way of life when they next meet, in Pisces in two years, when we will have first-hand familiarity with the universal waters that connect all existence. (Yes, we’re in them now; what will be different is our level of awareness of that.)

As the aspect builds, the week will take on more and more of an era-ending quality. We are wrapping up a cycle that began in February 1998. Since then Neptune has been obscuring, softening and dissolving situations and issues connected to the Aquarius area of our individual charts. During that time our existence has increasingly bridged the mundane world and spiritual realms, with people becoming more openly guided by a knowing that has little to do with the five physical senses.

Amazing clarity has clicked in since November, when Neptune ended his final retrograde in Aquarius and kicked into exit mode. Each of us is now viewing affected areas of our lives completely differently than we did fourteen years ago. A moment of peace is now coming. That peace involves letting all kinds of people off the hook and viewing them with love and compassion. You are at the top of that list.

On Saturday, Venus moves into Pisces for about three weeks. She is said to be “exalted” in this sign, because she takes on the highest, most inspired and spiritual qualities here. Within days she will meet with Chiron and continue the vibe of conciliation and forgiveness. The Golden Rule is firmly in effect, with a twist. Do unto others as you would do unto yourself — but start by treating yourself lovingly. The more you do, the more all your relations will follow suit.

For the day-by-day forecast, read the full weekly forecast at EmpowermentUnlimited.net.

Listen to my shorty-short podcast about the week at EmpowermentUnlimited.net or my page in the iTunes store.

Get ready for the aspects to come with my resources for navigating 2012.

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