Resources for Navigating 2012

It’s finally starting to feel like a new year, isn’t it? In honor of that I have compiled resources I offer to help you make the most of it.

My astro-overview of 2012 discusses the year season by season, from the times of growth and the retrogrades to the outer planet sign shifts and the first big clashes of the Uranus/Pluto square.

  • By conference call, 9 PM EST (8 PM CT, 6 PM PT), Tues., Jan. 17. Only $20; register here. Everyone on the call will receive an mp3 of the talk.
  • By mp3. Not sure you can make the conference call? Register anyway to receive the mp3 as soon as it’s ready.
  • By live presentation, 7:30 PM ET at The Goddess in Eden (inside Blu Lotus), 20 Church St., Montclair, NJ. $20; does not include mp3 (but you get to talk to me in person!) Contact the store to register.

My 2-mp3 talk on the process and potentials of 2011-2013 gives lots of practical doable strategies. $30, or half-price if you order it with the 2012 overview. Order the mp3s alone here; get them half-price with the 2012 overview here.

My Jupiter in Taurus guides explore where good fortune is growing for you sign, through June 2012. $12 for one sign; $20 for two. Details here.

Your personal 2012 forecast by Tarot: only $25 for a month-by-month overview, up to 15 minutes. Email me ( to book! Available at this price only through Jan. 30.

Personal astrological consultation. $150 for a full consultation; $90 for a 30-minute SWAT look at what’s being activated in your chart; $200 for a relationship analysis. More information about my services is at my site, Email me ( to book!

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