Gotta Be Me: Aquarius New Moon

January 22-23, 2012
11:41 PM PDT /2:41 AM PM EDT / 7:41 AM GMT
2 Aquarius 41

January’s New Moon kicks off the theme that will unfold all year and beyond: brassy, radical individualism confronting the status quo. We’ll be witnessing and experiencing a tug of war between those two influences well into 2015. For now, we’re stepping into the mode that we will use to navigate this ever-changing landscape.

This Aquarius New Moon is liberating, energizing and catalyzing, while recognizing the presence — and importance — of our social context. Each one of us is a free agent, but no one inhabits a planet of one. Our actions affect other people and have consequences for our relationships and agreements. Sometimes the agreements have to give; sometimes we do. This Moon fuels that dichotomy.

Our rules, agreements and conventions create the walls that humans need to coexist in society, much like predictably enforced rules giving young children a sense of security and safety. And just as children test the rules to explore their own power and identity, we are now pushing back against all manner of norms. They’ve defined and supported our lives in the past, but now they are up for challenge and testing.

This New Moon amps up a high-voltage drive to challenge, to break free, to take risks and to pursue our unique, individual paths. Accept the impulses, brainstorms and out of the blue opportunities that erupt now, even — especially — if they veer from your expectations. The ones that truly suit and support your uniqueness have every likelihood of opening up and flourishing.

That’s because the New Moon is making a tight cooperative aspect to its ruler Uranus, the awakener, the rebel, the bringer of the unexpected and alternate perspectives. This combination can shake you out of the winter doldrums and fan your inner flame. No matter how trying and difficult the last few months have been for you — and they have been daunting for a lot of people — this is the moment of crawling out of the hole — no, bursting out of the hole. See if you don’t feel this week that you’ve got your groove back. Life feels fun and hopeful again, and you have the enthusiasm and energy to jump into the game.

Yeah, Mars is stationing retrograde today and suspending you in time. With the furnace-stoking this Moon delivers, that’s not such a bad development. That only prolongs your sensation of enjoying the moment. And it offers you a longer, more careful look at the rules, agreements and conventions that delimit your life — the walls against which you are now pushing.

And that’s because the New Moon is making a square, or challenge, aspect to Saturn at the last degree of Libra. This pressure forces a review and action on the relationship laboratory we’ve been in since the fall of 2009, when Saturn entered Libra for the first time in some 30 years. Since then we’ve been grappling with issues of reciprocity and renegotiating ground rules and specific relationships alike. Now the impulse is firing to take what we’ve learned in the lab and push out on our own.

Stifling agreements are up for rewriting or breaking. Solid ones will come through this strengthened. All of them provide a surface from which to push off, in much the same way that a swimmer uses the edge of the pool when doing laps.

We’ve been heading for some time toward a new relationship model, that replaces codependence and neediness with intact individuals choosing to travel alongside each other. This New Moon shoves us all toward the new model.

We have no choice but to respond to that shove and express our individuality. The New Moon is also squaring Jupiter, the planet of expansion and across the sky from rule-protecting Saturn. This line-up creates a dynamic configuration called a t-square and funnels simultaneous pressure from Jupiter and Saturn right into the New Moon. The way out of the pressure is Leo, which rules our personality, our inner child and our need to express ourselves out in public. No more hiding. Come out and show the world who you are, dramatically, flamboyantly and playfully.

So take bold, daring, innovative action, the truer to yourself, the better, and let the chips fall where they may. There will be consequences. There will be changes. There will be surprises. All of them ultimately benefit you. Proceed with integrity and you’ll be fine.

© Kathy Biehl 2012. All Rights Reserved. You may forward this article as long as the copyright notice is intact. No part may be used or reprinted without my prior written permission. Karma, ya know.

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