Time Stops….Forecast for Jan. 23-29, 2012

Surely this has happened to you: You head out for a day’s worth of errands and are making really good time when you start wondering whether you left the iron on. Or maybe it was the oven, or the back door, or something else in a condition that could endanger your home.

Oh, yeah, you know this phenomenon. And you know what happens next: You search for a memory to shut up the thought…and you come up blank. You don’t want to spend the day worrying, and you certainly don’t want to risk coming home to fire trucks or a burglary. So you turn around, because there’s no point in continuing on till you know for certain.

That’s where we are now. The year’s first big shift in energy has arrived, and it’s going to lure us back over territory we’ve recently traveled. Mars, the planet that rules action, drive and ambition, is stationing to go retrograde for just under three months.

Three. Months.

Yes, that’s a long time. Mars generally blasts his way through a sign in a matter of weeks. Uncharacteristically, he’s spending the entire first half of the year in Virgo, and half of that retrograde. His energy is most comfortable in all-systems-go mode, so it’s probable that shifting into reverse is going to kick up some discomfort and resistance, not to mention irritation, resentment and frustration.

Now, Mars retrograding does not mean that all progress will stall, much as some people react to any inner planet retrograde as a threat to Life As We Know It. The sun will continue to rise. Plants will continue to sprout and blossom. Developments will continue to unfold and grow.

In fact, this about-face has benefits, and they are practical and tangible indeed. Just as Jupiter injected Miracle-Gro into the Taurus area of our lives during his retrograde last fall, Mars is now improving the Virgo aspects of our existence. We get a do-over.

Read the rest of my extended weekly forecast, including the daily entries.

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And in my forecast for the Aquarius New Moon.

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