Moon Over Indianapolis: Madonna, The Super Bowl and the Leo Full Moon

Didja catch the Super Bowl’s half-time show? What a look-at-me spectacle, led by a Leo woman, a breathtakingly fitting lead-in to the Leo Full Moon. In the middle of the most hyper-masculine event this side of actual warfare, one woman took the stage and for one outrageous moment made the event all about herself. Madonna commanded the center of a universe populated by Roman centurions (or were they gladiators?), a marching band, cheerleaders, a choir. High, non-stop, outrageous drama full of flash, sparkle, gold, glint, not to mention her name, her initial, her image, larger than life. What a huge, huge personality it takes to hold your own amid all that; what a huge, huge ego, too. Aging? Has-been? Ha. Struck me dumb. It’s no stretch to see a presaging of Venus’ coming move into Aries and warrior goddess mode, in that one bold, high-energy woman leading all those men…and troops.

More on the Feb. 7 Full Moon here.

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