The Sea Is Calling: Forecast for Feb. 6-12, 2012

Gear shift! Did you sense it? We are definitely, irrevocably in a new phase, with absolutely no going back.

A mist is lifting and revealing what’s left from all the dreams that came to ground last month. Some vaporized into little wisps that are floating aimlessly in the air. Others blossomed into solid, forms that are still filling out and in. Some of the developments I’ve seen (and experienced) unfolding are so dazzlingly heaven-sent that you could pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming — if only you had time.

The two forces that brought all that into being have moved into opposite directions. Neptune has left the final degree of Aquarius, for our lifetimes, and floated into Pisces last Friday. Tuesday, Saturn is stationing to backtrack through LIbra until the middle of June. The second influence will be testing relationship dynamics (as well as the individual platforms we’ve been building since 1983) through October. We’ll get to go back over some of the dreams that have materialized and put them into more durable, supportable forms. The first influence, on the other hand, is with us for the next 14 years.

I wrote at length in last week’s forecast about the boundary-dissolving impact that Neptune’s time in Pisces is bringing. We are all creatures in vast sea of life, and how we coexist is up for a new way of being. Don’t you already feel a softening, an unmooring, a gentleness that was not previously present? If you’ve been incredibly spacey since Friday, this is why.

We may not understand what’s unfolding for some time. Neptune does have a knack for obscuring the true nature of what lies beneath surfaces. Plus he’s hovering just off the shore for the next year or two, which will ease us into this journey, much as the heat sneaks up on a lobster in the pot.

Hard as it is to grasp the mists, fogs, glamour and illusion that Neptune generates, I can say one thing with certainty: The first leg of the journey holds the potential for enormous healing — blurring walls between people(s), replacing isolationism with mutual caring, soothing long-standing wounds and, above all, awakening a compassion, forgiveness and love of the self that permeates all of our interactions.

Use that as your guideline this week. In your quiet moments (if you can find them — isn’t the pace of life a tornado of preparatory steps — and then waiting for results, while another tornado whips up?) look over the last 14 years and acknowledge to yourself how you’ve emerged. Maybe not triumphantly and victoriously using other people’s measurements, but they don’t apply. View this last phase of your life through the eyes of compassion. Now how do they look?

It’s appropriate for Neptune’s first days in Pisces that the skies this week are generating lots of activity in the dreamtime he rules. Noting your dream fragments is one way of working with this. You can also harness this connection by asking, just before you go to sleep, for a dream that answers a question or explains a situation. Be sure to specify that the dream use imagery that you can understand and also set the intention that you will remember the dream. Another approach is to ask to be led to the answer or into the most beneficial direction. I’ve been using this tact a lot lately. If you give it a whirl, you request that the information come through so loudly that you can not miss it. You will be surprised, happily. (Feel free to send testimonials!)

Two fiery, energy-amping events will inject oomph and excitement into the week’s dreaminess. Tuesday’s Leo Full Moon occurs right after Saturn stations retrograde. What we see and experience of our personal light and expressiveness is not a flash in the pan, but a spark-kindling with prolonged staying power. Read more in my moon forecast.

On Wednesday, Venus, the ruler of our hearts and all we value, moves into Aries. That’s the home of her counterpart Mars, the god of war and action, who is currently retreating through Virgo. While he’s busy reviewing and reworking actions of the past few weeks, she’s taking over leading the charge.

Aries is not the most natural and comfortable place for her, but she — and we — can have fun with the energy. She’s in huntress mode here, not waiting for anyone to do her bidding but leaping after what she wants, whenever the urge ignites. Her prey could be anything, given the flames being stoked in her. On Thursday she makes a super-conjunction (by degree and by declination) to unpredictable, destabilizing, instigating, liberating Uranus. The pre-Valentine’s boldness this unleashes will be breathtaking. “I can’t believe I just did that” will be as prevalent as “I can’t believe that just happened.” Adventure awaits!

For the day by day forecasts, read my extended weekly forecast.

Don’t forget: I also have a weekly podcast.

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