Dream On: Forecast for Feb. 20-26, 2012

We’re still getting the hang of existing in and around so much … fog? Water? Waking dreams? Confusions and misunderstandings are common in any adjustment period…and that’s what’s on tap this week.

The week brings one uncomfortable aspect after another for Mercury, the planet of communication and transportation. Little will flow easily, or smoothly, or reliably. You may at times wonder if Mercury has gone retrograde. Oh, goodie, right? Naah. You can do this.

To simplify the discussion, let’s stick with the image of water. Water muffles and distorts sound. It also carries it surprisingly far distances. (Ever thought you were having a private conversation in an outdoor hot tub? Or in a lake?) Some of your words aren’t going to get across. Some of what you think you hear isn’t going to match what was actually said. The surface of some messages isn’t going to reflect the intent or motivation or, let’s just say it, truth behind them. And some messages are going to travel much further than the speaker has any idea.

So be prepared for disturbances. Sit with information before you act on it (or react to it). Ask for confirmation and clarification. Run it by your inner guidance or someone who’s uninvolved. If a message feels off, don’t make any commitments based on it; wait things out. And keep in mind that your own words (spoken, written, posted, texted) may reach unintended or unsuspected audiences.

There will be lots of splashing and thrashing in the water, too. Aggression could erupt for the weirdest reasons. (Read the previous paragraph, rinse and repeat.) Commutes and short trips are rife with confusion. You might wonder if everyone on the road has lost their mind, and maybe they have, temporarily.

Don’t despair; just take care. Hanging out in the water has its pleasant sides. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with being slightly dazed as long as you don’t sign contracts, propose marriage or operate heavy machinery in that state.

There are moments aplenty of grace this week, too. Tuesday’s Pisces New Moon is a belated launch party for Neptune’s 14-year voyage through that sign. This one is Piscean to the max: The Sun and the Moon passed by the guest of honor, the sign’s ruler, on their way into their own meeting; Chiron and Mercury form the honor guard at the exit. The spirit of transcendence pervades heart, will and mind and delivers a boost in artistic and spiritual inspirations and inclinations — not to mention a softer, gentler approach toward ourselves and each other. Read more in my mooncast.

As the Moon grows to a crescent in the sky, coming to terms, if not to peace, with the physicality of existence builds as well. On Friday, the Sun meets with Chiron, who represents our abiding wound and challenges us to master the physicality of existence. All this we-are-one universal love Piscean energy becomes immediately and directly pertinent to our mundane lives. Here’s the joke: That wound has turned out to be your blessing, your friend and your ally. You would not be who you are without it. Treat it gently. Treat yourself gently.

Read daily forecasts in my extended weekly forecast.

There’s more, too, in my short podcast for the week.

Two Upcoming Talks — By Phone and In Person!
I’m presenting two different but equally important talks with tools for navigating Neptune’s 14-year voyage through Pisces. Part I links your physical senses to your inner GPS so they cooperate and deliver signals you can trust. Part II teaches techniques for recognizing and clearing out all the energy you pick up that isn’t yours. $20 each. By phone (Feb. 28 and Mar. 6) and in person at The Goddess in Eden, Montclair, NJ (Mar. 15 & 29). Read more…

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