Fog-Be-Gone! Forecast for Feb. 27 – March 4

Get ready to shake off some of that stupor! The preponderance of Pisces energy in the sky has had a lot of us walking around in a brain fog or worse. A semblance of clarity rolls in this week. Spunk and gumption return, too — at least on the level of talk.

The week begins with better relationship vibes than we’ve experienced for some time. Venus and Mars are experiencing harmony and cooperation that blends desires and drive into the same flow. The feminine and the masculine are at one, for the moment. Your inner parts are getting along better, and so are you and key folks around you. (Perhaps a break will occur in the male-led war on women that’s invaded the national news?)

Hang on to that sensation of harmony. You will benefit from reminders of it by the weekend, as the water turns choppy and dissipate some of the fog, torpor or outright confusion we’ve been in.

Some of the choppiness will be coming from your own thoughts and words. They are scheduled to leave the realm of dreams, concepts and feeling everyone’s pain and erupt into impulse, combativeness and self-promotion. You can still operate with awareness of other people’s feelings; you’ll just be more assertive in communicating your own thoughts (and passing pokey drivers). Some people will miss that first part, of course, which will invite all manner of verbal escalating. ITALHang on to that sensation of harmony….

The shift occurs Friday, when Mercury, the planet of communication and short-distance travel, moves into Aries. Mercury in Aries doesn’t care about feelings or gentleness or taking everyone into consideration. Shoot first and ask questions later? More like shoot and good luck finding him; that’s how quickly he’ll move on to the next target.

Mercury makes this sign change every year, but this time will really get attention. The change in mode of expressions is such a switch from the all-connected waters of Pisces in which we’ve been soaking. On top of that, Mercury immediately clashes with the Moon in Cancer, where she is hyper-sensitive emotionally and prone to perceiving and personalizing slights. The brief but widespread outbreak of moodiness and crabbiness Friday is your signal that Mercury has made his move. The ramping up of your own impulses and feistiness will signal that as well.

The weekend has the feel of a series of depth charges going off in the ocean and shooting shafts of water, sea life and who knows what else into the air. The spray will dissipate fog and confusion. It may be unsettling, too. It will stir up discomfort around matters of the heart and bank account. It will also provide a long (emphasis on long) look at irksome people and situations, as well as limitations, naysayers and authority figures that are cramping our style.

Hang on to that sensation of harmony. It’s perfectly appropriate in this new phase — it’s absolutely called for, in fact — to express yourself assertively and dynamically ITL and act lovingly and gently. Won’t it be fun to watch the headlines?

More in my extended weekly forecast and short weekly podcast.

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