Don’t Get Fooled: Forecast for Week of March 26 – April 1, 2012

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What’s important this week may not make its nature known until much later. We’ll be pushing our personal agendas all right, but making progress on them is not the main point. We don’t have the cosmic support to force anything into being. Too, an element of the unforeseeable — even inexplicable — is very much at work. So go about your business and follow your impulses. Just drop attachment to any particular outcome just now.

The main reason for our obscured vision is Mercury having drifted back into Pisces for the final full week of his current retrograde. Mercury rules what goes through our minds, what and how we communicate, and how we get around. It’s hard to get a handle on anything when he is in his most vague and diffuse mode, in the all-connecting waters of Pisces.

It’s hard to get around, too. Commutes and travel are prone to the weirdest snarls, especially with Mars, the planet that rules our internal drive, also being retrograde and in the opposite sign, to boot. Anyone get caught in the epidemic of pre-rush hour traffic jams last week? Or getting lost? The weird wrong turns I’ve made since Mercury returned to Pisces have added an hour at least to my total drive time. One of them unspooled into the astrologically appropriate phenomenon of a GPS announcing turns a block past the intersection.

Hang on to that image, and learn from it. The tools that, logically, should guide you are not reliable in this atmosphere. That goes as well for rational thought, for memory and even for what you think is knowledge. I’ve been double-booking without any inkling that my usually-accurate mental picture of my calendar is missing the bottom half. Yes, these retrogrades are making direct contacts to my chart, but I’m not alone in being affected. Everyone is, in some way, and that includes you.

Mercury retrograding in Pisces is about as nonrational and nonlinear as it gets — and calls for exactly that kind of approach. d Instead of scheming, planning, projecting, pushing and expecting, ask for help. Sit quietly every morning and empty yourself, even for only a minute or two. Call in whoever or whatever energies you trust and ask to be led in the most beneficial direction(s). Hand over the reins for your day. Trust that life is unfolding as it should when traffic makes you an hour late, or appointments cancel, or you can’t get online. The delays and snarls and breakdowns have benefits, even if not immediately apparent.

You are not in the position to see what is most important. You may think that having a certain meeting is the point of your day. It may be that asking for directions and smiling at the person who gave them was your true mission, and has more far-reaching consequences than arriving on time at that appointment.

This state of confusion has another benefit. “Out of chaos and confusion comes clarity,” a law professor of mine used to say, and that is exactly what’s on the way. We have every potential of stumbling on additional information about situations from when Mercury first covered this territory at the end of March and beginning of April. And whaddaya know, retrograde Mars is in the position to help us work with and fix the nuggets we encounter.

Two other factors are helpful to keep in mind this week. A dynamic configuration is in place involving Chiron, representing our abiding wound as well as the challenge to settle fully into physicality; Mars, the ruler of our drive and ambition; and the North Node of the Moon, which represents the collective as well as the direction in which we are heading. The North Node is the stress point, and the pressure on it is encouraging falling into old behaviors, particularly old ways of thinking and talking — part of the reason for racism, women’s issues and beliefs from decades past suddenly being so omnipresent in the news.

This is an uncomfortable mix of energies. It’s stirring up inadequacies, anxieties, control freak tendencies and ancient bad, bad feelings, especially about the self. If you have been suffering emotional meltdowns, please consider how you have been interpreting the events that triggered them. Listen to the words you are saying to yourself, and especially about yourself. Odds are off the charts that you have been reading situations in the worst possible light — not because the other person intended that (odds are also off the charts that person would be stunned and confused by your reaction, by the way), but because the situations have awakened primal feelings in you.

You can’t reason yourself out of this. Reason isn’t working, remember? The part of you where these feelings live isn’t susceptible to reason, anyway. These kinds of beliefs and responses come from a time when your brain had not fully formed; they are that ancient. You can’t talk sense to a four-year-old (or a baby). Instead, treat yourself firmly but kindly, lovingly and compassionately … and then radiate that back out.

Meanwhile, as ancient traumas are provoking ancient responses, the Sun is moving across the degrees that will come into prominence in June and September, when change agents Uranus and Pluto have the first two of the seven showdowns happening between now and 2015. The clash will unleash explosive, impulsive and unforeseeable events, internal and external.

The Sun’s travel across these points is another round of preparing. We won’t have the leisure required to think rationally then; we will simply act and react. Use this time to get ready. Look at the Mercury and Mars retrogrades as filling in information that will be necessary and useful and pointing out what to fix and what to make more efficient and effective. Look at sorrow, pain, weepiness or tears that crop up as signals of self-wounding patterns and thoughts. If you can’t shut down the inner criticism, ask for help. Here’s one request, to get you started: Show me another way to look at this.

More in my extended weekly forecast, my short weekly podcast and forecast for last week’s Aries new moon.

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Ignite! 2012 Aries New Moon

2012 Aries New Moon
March 22, 2012
7:38 AM PDT / 10:38 AM EDT / 2:38 PM GMT
2 Aries 22

And we’re off! Two days after the Sun entered Aries and marked the beginning of spring, the Sun and the Moon are coming together to enhance the season’s exciting, combustible launch. Chicks are breaking out of their eggs, sprouts are bursting through seeds and the earth, and long-simmering impulses are flying out of everyone.

It’s exciting, volatile and not entirely comfortable. What is happening now is unlike anything we have experienced — a bold, heady assertion, to be true, but one that fits the bravado and daring of Aries, not to mention the wild times ahead.

Aries contains the rawest life force and survival instinct, the most impulsive, self-motivated, independent, courageous-to-reckless bent of the zodiac. This energy is erupting everywhere now, but with a few notable twists.

The New Moon is tightly sandwiched between Mercury the messenger (which is retrograde, about which more in a moment) and Uranus the rebel. This is not a quiet, subtle gathering. It’s more like a cluster of people talking/yelling over each other, asserting themselves without listening. Some people are enthusiastic, some are openly aggressive and some are exploding with pent-up frustration or anger. And some people are misreading the word fragments that manage to make it to their ears and jumping to conclusions — and action.

The din isn’t likely to die back into calm or clarity anytime soon. This meeting is taking place in the midst of three retrogrades. One involves the last planet that the Sun and the Moon crossed before entering the gathering: Mercury, who rules what goes through our minds, comes out of our mouths and how we get around. The potential for garbled communication is high, and much that does get through accurately will involve finishing old matters or dealing with that garbling. New or future-oriented topics will fare better after Mercury goes direct in the first days of April.

Another retrograde involves the New Moon’s ruler, Mars, the planet that rules our drive, ambition and energy. Mars has been retrograde since mid-January. With another three weeks left in his backward journey, some people are hitting the breaking point in dealing with the do-overs and fixes his time in practical, detail-focused Virgo has required. (His demanding aspect to the North Node of destiny and collective experience is also behind the epidemic of folks being fed up.) His retrograde is stoking the internalized expression of emotion, until some is exploding like the lid blowing off a pressure cooker. He’s also putting a time delay on marching forward with projects, which may not get much of anywhere till his retrograde ends April 13 (and likely not till he finally moves off the degree of his direct station 10 days later).

The third retrograde factor comes from Saturn in Libra, which is opposite the New Moon by sign but actually making an out-of-sign adjustment aspect. All the shouting that’s going on now has ramifications. These high-octane bursts of individualism do not fit neatly into our social constructs, agreements and obligations. Something has to give. With all this firepower, it’s not going to be the Aries end. While we figure out (in some cases, battle out) how we’re going to deal with this dichotomy, relationships will be in a state of flux at least until Saturn goes direct in late June…with new approaches, structures and agreements probably not firmly in place until he finishes his Libra journey in October.

The other big twist comes from the far side of the planet sandwich: anything-can-happen Uranus. Uranus in Aries has all the nuance of a Molotov cocktail, and that combustibility is core to the phase starting now. The New Moon fuses the unpredictability, volatility and structure-breaking properties of Uranus onto not merely the coming four weeks, but the entire spring.

This is the cosmic can of spinach that gives individuals the power to break through barriers and pull off feats of uncommon strength and bravery, not to mention recklessness. The vibe is equal parts “my way or the highway” and “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” It’s energizing and motivating — but remember, because of the retrograde planets, it’s not going to catapult us into our wild new adventures just yet. A lot of what we’ll be doing is running in place, when not tackling lingering or returning issues.

Think of it as warming up (which dovetails with Mars retrograde in Virgo) and warming up for adventures — okay, let’s be honest: skirmishes — to come. This Uranian-enhanced New Moon is accelerating our own daring, drive and motivation to gear us up for the summer and fall. That’s when the first clashes come between the two cosmic change agents Uranus and Pluto. The first brings unpredictable change, the second, unavoidable; when they lock together, the impact will pit the wiles and impulses of the individual against deep-rooted power, traditions and institutions.

This process of metamorphosis will play out over three years (Uranus and Pluto square seven times between now and 2015). The stress and tension of the build-up is already all over the political landscape. Possibly you’ve been sensing it in your body as well. Enormous restructuring is coming in our individual lives, just as much as we’re witnessing it collectively.

It’s invigorating. It’s liberating. It is even fun, believe it or not. Think of the power of the life force that’s necessary for a sprout to burst out of a seed, push its way through the dirt and break out into the light. That’s being fueled for each of us right now.

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Spring Awakening: Forecast for March 19-25, 2012

Spring is here! We are going to be feeling it inside and out. Motivation is returning. Fire, enthusiasm and drive are coming back to the fore. Our engines are igniting and revving. Given the other themes in the sky, however, this energetic shift will not be neat and tidy. Exciting, yes. Steamy, yes. Producing results? Well, maybe not yet. And not if you think that means proceeding from Point A to Point B….

The element of earth is still very much in the picture, with last week’s grand trine continuing to birth solid, tangible, real developments (and solid, real, tangible endings and departures). The mists and waters of Pisces are surrounding, softening, soothing and confusing us. The fire coming now from Aries doesn’t operate the same way as what’s been transpiring.

Earth and water together produce fertile territory for growth. What causes the seed to sprout and break through the ground is the raw life force of fire — not soft, not nurturing, but forceful and on its own. We get a double-barreled blast of that with the Sun entering Aries (Monday night or Tuesday overnight, depending on your time zone) and the New Moon happening in Aries on Thursday. (Look for my mooncast on the site Wednesday.)

Here’s the catch: As energized as that is, we’re not free to run willy-nilly yet. We are still subject to the earth-sign dominance of the sky, to the gentle-to-confounding watery mists, and most of all to insistent backtracking of the retrograde of not just Mercury, but also Mars, the ruler of our drive as well as the sign of Aries. We’ll leap forward and something will tug at our sleeves (or yank our chain) and suddenly we’ll be back in territory we thought we’d already covered.

Growth is happening. Progress is occurring. Everything remains slow and methodical, though, even if we are compelled to lunge ahead like colts breaking out of a corral. Pacing is important. We’re in a marathon, not a sprint; any sprinting that we do manage to pull off is a trial run. Preparing is still a significant part of the tasks before us, at least until Mars starts speeding ahead mid-April.

Don’t look ahead. Focus on now. This week’s energies will color the entire spring, since they are in place at the season’s start. The explosion of Aries vitality is only one of the new elements of the week and, by extension, season. (It is, by the way, advance work for the clash that’s coming in June between the two cosmic change agents, unpredictable Uranus in Aries and unavoidable Pluto in Capricorn.)

The Sun and Mercury are trading places, each ending the week about where the other started, like castling the king and a rook in chess. The Sun is moving from 28 Pisces to 5 Aries, while Mercury is retrograding from 3 Aries to 28 Pisces. With a personal planet in the waters along with Neptune and Chiron, the Piscean influence will remain personal in feel and effect. It will also dampen or diffuse some of the fieriness we would otherwise be experiencing of Aries — likely sending off steam or escalating those mists.

The sign shift will also affect how we think, talk and get around. Mercury will be returning, briefly, to a conceptual, nonlinear, nonrational mode of expression. We’ll be soaking up emotion, information and guidance (some of which won’t belong to us). If we have a clear connection to guidance and follow it, this could be a useful counterpart to the intuitive impulses of Aries. If the channel is clogged or jammed, though, we could be springing to action on cloudy or mistaken information. To be safe, ground yourself when getting behind the wheel or stepping onto public transportation. And keep in mind that other travelers could be off in a fog.

There is, of course, also a benefit to this sign shift. Mercury will be revisiting turf he passed through in late February through the first few days of March. It will be possible to pick up threads that slipped by the first time around, or learn more about situations or people that surfaced then.

This week also brings a prolonged meeting between the Sun and Uranus. They link by declination on Thursday and by zodiacal degree on Saturday, a one-two contact that is known as a super-conjunction. This blast promises to be energizing and liberating on a deeply personal level. The meeting is delivering the rocket fuel to make like a sprouting seed and burst out of safe confines to grow and blossom on your own. Keep this in mind if events erupt that are initially startling, shocking or seemingly destructive.

Speaking of which: collective events are likely with a bittersweet to mournful tone this week, with Chiron closing in on a challenging aspect to the North Node. This could involve a wound to the ocean or water supply (the Deepwater well did blow out within hours of Chiron’s entry into Pisces, after all), or a disaster that inspires aid efforts from afar, or another death that creates a community of emotion and grieving. An underdog, underclass or victim element is also possible, such as the governmental ganging up on women’s right to control their bodies (Chiron does rule mastery of the physical) that’s been escalating. (Here’s one to get you started: Texas has lost all funding for women’s health care programs because of a law the legislature passed targeting Planned Parenthood.) The bigger picture impact will be heightening connectedness and awareness that we are all in this (situation, country, life, planet) together.

Don’t worry about what might be, though. Stay in the present. Enjoy the rebirth of life force in your being. And go outside and enjoy the rebirth taking place all around.

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Are you Aries sun, moon or rising? Do you feel like you’re being challenged at every turn? I have a reading special for you. Learn more..

Early Spring: Forecast for March 12-18, 2012

Click here for my musings on the Naptune/Chiron nature of the grief over Davy Jones’ passing.

This is a major week. Pay off is here! Long-simmering developments are leaving the realm of dream, concept or goal and taking real, solid, concrete form. The blossoming isn’t a single flush, either, but a retrograde-prolonged process that will play out for weeks. And not only do we witness a vibrant garden springing up, but we also get a new vantage point for viewing it.

This week, a configuration comes together that has been building since November. It’s an easy flow of energy called a grand trine among the three earth signs — which means this flow will affect, involve and play out in the physical world. Venus, the goddess of earthly delights, is in her sensual Taurus home with boundlessly expansive Jupiter, who has been working over a tiny patch of ground since last June. Mars, the ruler of our drive and actions, is in Virgo, with all its bent for detail, healthiness, boundaries and organization. Pluto, the agent of unavoidable change and transformation, is in Capricorn, which rules structures, foundations, institutions and long-term security. The energy flowing freely among these players is strengthening and firming up your groundwork, weeding, fertilizing and summoning growth in your garden, and delivering results from all the prep work you have been doing. (The weeding, pruning and restructuring could be extreme, much like what happened in July and late October.)

Two retrogrades will extend the life of this influence. One retrograde influence is Mercury, the planet that rules our information flow and how we get around. He retrogrades on Monday morning and will be effectively sitting still when the trine perfects on Wednesday. It will take till late Friday for him to leave the degree of his retrograde, so the bulk of the week could have a decidedly slo-mo air to it. He will travel retrograde until April 4.

The other retrograde influence is Mars, who will be backtracking through Virgo until mid-April and will not clear the degree of the trine until mid-May. The apparent backward journey of mind and will means that this week’s solidifying and blossoming is only a first wave, likely to be followed by several more — or an ongoing process of becoming real, sturdy and reliable.

The usual Mercury retrograde precautions apply now. Review, investigate, repair and complete old business, but delay new projects and agreements. Communication and travel are both likely to hit snarls, especially with Neptune’s fog so potent and thick these days. Misfiring communication will be rampant (hence the need to postpone agreements), with people hearing one thing and thinking another, or operating from different sets of assumptions, or outright lying. The potential for confusion or deceit will grow as this retrograde progresses, because it will take Mercury out of impulsive Aries and back into the formless, nonverbal mental processes of Pisces. Oh, goodie, right? Don’t despair. You may find something in the water that you accidentally dropped or left behind. For more, consult my retrograde survival guide.

Mercury does have one surprise for us as he gets moving this week. After he leaves his retrograde station, he meets up again with awakening Uranus, the agent of unforeseeable change. They were last together on March 4, but you may not be able to pinpoint their handiwork in retrospect, since their pow-wow was predawn. This Sunday’s event should be more obvious; it’s in the middle of the day. Their teamwork lobs a lightning bolt into your thinking, and brings a startling message or shift in perspective. Look at it as blowing the carbon out. No matter how minor or shocking this lightning bolt may be, it’s ultimately freeing for you.

There’s more in my extended weekly forecast and short weekly podcast.

Neptune, Chiron & Davy Jones

The death of Davy Jones on February 29 has unleashed an outpouring of grief and memories with a collective, uniting nature that could not have happened at any earlier time. I have been participating in it myself, and the longer it plays out, the more I see Neptune and Chiron at work.

Neptune rules glamour, illusion and many of the forms that they can take — music, theater, the silver screen and the hype of a publicity machine. Davy rode the highest currents of all of those, first as a child actor on the long-running British soap-like series Coronation Street, and the Tony-nominated originator of the role of The Artful Dodger in Oliver!, and then as the heartthrob of The Monkees, a made-for-TV band that evolved into a phenomenon of its own right and merit. Davy’s eyes would graphically twinkle with stars when his character fell for a new lady love. At least two generations of fans returned the favor, because of the waves in which the show was broadcast: in prime time during 1966-1968, then on Saturday mornings, and again in the mid 80s when MTV launched. And for girls who missed out on that show, Davy’s iconic appearance on The Brady Bunch in the 70s provided a tenacious hook.

“He’s dreamy,” Marcia Brady sighed, and millions agreed. In his chart, dream-maker Neptune is in a direct current to his Sun, which equipped him for the role of teen idol and all the projections that go with that. (No surprise that the name of his signature song “Daydream Believer” encapsulates two Neptune concepts, fantasy and faith.) Part of his appeal, too, was a sweetness that came from him and not merely the scripts, shown in his birth chart by Mars in nurturing Cancer trining Moon in Scorpio, a combination that created a boyish but palpable sex appeal. His launch into television game got a boost from expansive Jupiter, which was on his Mars when the series premiered, escalating the planet’s tendencies to maximum power. Now that sweetness, and the familial/tribal vibe of Cancer, have been coursing across the globe since the end of February and working a very different, but nonetheless Neptunian, magic.

Word spread of his death within hours thanks to social media — which was birthed during the journey Neptune has just completed through futuristic, community-oriented Aquarius — and so did expressions of grief, gratitude, condolences and memories that fit the bittersweet, interconnecting and therapeutic currents of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. The process very quickly put fans in direct contact with the other members of the band. Once they were shielded behind a studio publicity wall; now they were speaking directly to — and hearing directly from — us. Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork immediately released statements to their Facebook pages, statements that expressed both palpable emotion and the distinctive personality of each of them. Davy’s daughters wrote a thank-you to fans that was posted on his Facebook page. They have since requested that fans who wish to honor him send feed, apples and carrots to his horses in Florida, whom he was visiting the morning of his death.

The conversation is still flowing. Fans have posted memories and condolences on all the Monkees’ Facebook pages. Appropriately, much of it has dominated Peter Tork’s wall. A collective vibe comes naturally to him as the Aquarian of the group, so it was fitting that his page opened a chat function the weekend after Davy’s death, where fans could communicate directly during the Monkees marathon that ran on Antenna TV.

I’m seeing several currents of magic and healing in the flood of messages. Fans have been consoling not just each other, but also Davy’s family and his longtime band mates. We know their faces from the TV screen and teen magazines, their voices from records and radio, but now the interaction is more human to human, rather than fan to idol. This befits and expresses the universality of Pisces. It’s also a decidedly Chironic experience.

Chiron represents mastering physicality. Davy’s passing has brought him and his cohorts from the misty realms of celebrity into flesh and blood people with deeply affected hearts. (One noteworthy example: Peter’s appearance on The Rachel Maddow Show, in which interviewer and interviewee alike got to meet a person s/he had greatly admired from afar.) Neptune was sextiling Davy’s Capricorn Venus at his death, setting off the media machine again as well as offering him transcendence. (Bountiful Jupiter in down-to-earth Taurus was greasing the way, too, by making a beneficial contact to his Capricorn Sun; an active Jupiter is a hallmark of a quick and easy transition.) Chiron was sextiling his Venus and Sun, opening a doorway to healing and, at least in the eyes of his fans, becoming fully human. The memories of fans who met him once or twice, and of people who knew and worked with him, are spotlighting and fleshing out the man behind the image, by all accounts a generous-hearted man with a huge laugh and wicked sense of humor (Mercury in Sagittarius opposing Uranus in Gemini) who loved his horses, cats and fans and mingled openly in his hometowns in Pennsylvania and Florida.

Social media also birthed two memorial events. One fan used Facebook to organize a service in Beavertown, PA, where Davy has lived for some 20 years. Aware of and concerned about the impact on others (Neptune + Chiron in Pisces again), the organizer set up a fund to reimburse the town of only 950 for whatever this short-notice influx of visitors might do. Peter and Micky honored this event by sending letters that were read aloud to the gathering. Another fan announced a 24-hour candlelight vigil on the day of that memorial, so that fans who could not travel to Pennsylvania could join together in listening to music and pay respects to Davy. In another marvelous breaking of barriers between fan and performer, his representatives gave their approval to the online vigil.

It has been one vast ocean of emotion, love, tenderness, pain, nostalgia, music (lots of music), humanizing and comfort. Why so intense? An explanation that resonates with me is Rachel Maddow’s observation, “The show is embedded in my American cultural DNA.” Still, the impact is not only on Americans. A chapter has closed, and a worldwide community has come together to mourn it. Yes, there’s more than a little romanticizing. Neptune does that. But there’s also a higher expression of love, and enlightened perspectives on reality and passing (from Peter and Mike in particular) and, of course, the sharing, blending and healing that comes from Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

The chapter closing is in Davy’s chart. Pluto, lord of the underworld, has been sitting atop his Sun and in the flow of the current from Neptune. Jupiter has joined them, in an easy and amplifying link to Pluto and an adjustment angle to Neptune, both with physical ramifications. The lunar eclipse of December 2010 was right on top of Davy’s north node, representing his mission or destiny, at the very last degree of Gemini. His life path was international to the max, but ultimately meant to communicate with countless people. The 2010 eclipse was a culminating event in that path, which had, not coincidentally, been redirected by the same eclipse cycle in the early 70s, when the band broke up and he started a solo career. Another culminating event happened just months ago, when the lunar eclipse of last December took place on his Uranus in Gemini. Time for a big change, and a big retrospective, and exactly that has been happening online and in the media, with “little” voices outnumbering the official ones. They won’t go silent soon. The lunar eclipse coming this June will oppose his Uranus and bring other revelations, information and developments.

On a not unrelated note: another iconic figure passed a week after Davy, Peter Bergman of the Firesign Theatre, whose recordings provided the centerpiece for many a toke-filled college dorm room and beyond in the 60s and 70s. His final words on Radio Free Oz March 6 unwittingly capture the current astrological atmosphere. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are the grounding point in the energy that is flowing through the three earth signs, the grand trine between Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn. “Don’t let depression darken the glass through which you look,” he urged. “This is a garden in which we live, a garden seeded with unconditional love, and …the tears…will spring those seeds.” Listen to his full message here; read the text here.

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Report Card: 2012 Virgo Full Moon

March 8, 2012
1:41 AM PDT / 4:41 AM EDT / 9:41 AM GMT
18 Virgo 13 / 18 Pisces 13

How has your life been different since February? What new dreams and potentials have been taking shape? What has caused confusion or disorientation? How has your sensitivity increased? Answers are coming now with the Virgo Full Moon, the first report card on the new Piscean phase of our lives.

For those of us in the western hemisphere, this report arrives during the overnight hours, when our conscious minds are on break. The timing is appropriate, and not merely because Neptune rules the dreamtime. With his otherworldly influence in the waters of his own sign of Pisces now, logical, will-driven approaches haven’t been working well lately. Our minds will be chewing on the data as it comes in Wednesday and after the Full Moon peaks. But it’s the subconscious that will initially take in, process and assimilate the information.

Some perspective is coming on what has been happening lately. The weeks since the Pisces New Moon on Feb. 20 have immersed us in some pretty unusual waters, filled with magic and inspiration as well as disillusionment and sorrow. When you’re in the middle of action, it can be hard to grasp the full picture. When you’re in water, it’s impossible to perceive individual drops — and sometimes the entire contours of the body, if it’s big enough. We’ve got a shot at that now. Virgo has a knack for seeing boundary lines, spotting details and examining what could be improved. In this week’s examination, the Moon has the assistance of Mars, ruler of our drive and energy, who has passed her in his march backward through the sign of Virgo.

He’s been on a fix-it mission since his retrograde began in January. That mission turns now to analyzing the health of our boundaries, our bodies, our systems, our routines and our dreams — with a focus on how they are or are not emotionally nourishing and satisfying.

The field of analysis is bigger than that, though. Mars is on his way to the completion of a wonderful flow of energy in the earth signs next week, a configuration called a grand trine from Venus and Jupiter in Taurus to Mars in Virgo to Pluto in Capricorn and back again. This line-up will solidify groundwork that has been in process since last June and lead to the metaphoric garden flourishing to come in the spring.

Mars is pulling that process, and that grounding and blossoming, into the Full Moon. It’s delivering a clearer and clearer picture of what’s growing from our efforts. We’re seeing the nature, extent and fullness of our ground work more precisely. This includes, of course, realizing what could be stronger, healthier, more efficient or more supportive.

An improvement campaign is likely to follow, but it won’t be a frenzy of spring cleaning. Earth energy is careful and methodical. The Virgo Moon will want to analyze and strategize before jumping into too much action, although she does find sanity in simple tasks of organizing, decluttering and cleaning. Chart a course, take your time, and be opening to making course corrections as the need becomes apparent.

The skies won’t rush you. The Moon’s ruler, Mercury, is stationing on Friday to go retrograde, which will add to the general vibe of re-do and discourage quick action. Mars will keep the emphasis on methodical rather than fast, too. He is retrograde into April and won’t cross the degree of the Virgo Full Moon until mid-June. You’ve got time.

For now, pay attention to your dreams midweek, especially between Wednesday and Thursday. Notice what’s in your thoughts Thursday, and especially any irritations or annoyances. They’re clues. What have you achieved? What have you created or built? How could you make it bigger, better and more rewarding? How are you taking care of yourself? What could you tweak to feel more sober, healthy, grounded and intact?

One caveat: If you find yourself turning another person into an improvement project, STOP. The other person isn’t at fault for (or even the source of) the shortcomings or irritations that have caught your focus. Shift the analysis to yourself.

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Something’s Coming: Forecast for March 5-11, 2012

Say goodbye to the relatively quiet, if sometimes disorienting, tone of recent weeks. Have you been longing for action? It’s coming. This week brings a few noticeable atmospheric shifts and lots of staging for big, big developments next week.

All that groundwork you’ve been doing for months — all that maddeningly slow and steady preparation that’s been underway — is on the brink of blossoming and paying off. Next week an aspect becomes exact that has been loosely with us on and off since November: the grand trine (I mistyped it as “ground trine” again!) linking Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in the three earth signs.

As if to bless the fruition that’s coming, Venus is joining their line-up now. Before most of us awaken Monday morning, she is entering Taurus, the more sensual and earthy of her two homes. (Saturn’s in her other one, the more refined and verbal sign of Libra.) Her homecoming bodes well for relationship and financial matters, which are up for more solid, grounded and rewarding form. The easy, natural comfort she has in Taurus will carry over into them and also smooth the sometimes troubled waters we’ve been experiencing lately.

Her unabashed enjoyment of physical existence is an open invitation to go out in nature, savor food and drink, admire beauty, wear clothes and engage in activities that make you feel good, and generally have a good time. Kindred spirits will be gravitating to each other and making merry, just because they can. The opportunity opens to heal some old wounds when Venus reaches out to Chiron over the weekend. Let the good vibes awaken you to awareness AND appreciation of the bounty that already exists in your life. That is the starting point for maximizing what more is coming.

Signs of that will be emerging with expansive Jupiter and action-oriented Mars gliding into position for next week’s round robin. Thursday’s Full Moon in Virgo will review your efforts so far and point out where there’s room for improvement. (More in my mooncast, which will be posted on Wednesday.) Continue your groundwork. This is not the time to let up; it’s the home stretch for the first big flush of growth.

One more of next week’s developments starts making itself known Friday when Mercury arrives at the degree where he will retrograde on Monday. He and Mars are in each other’s signs now, a condition called mutual reception, which blends their energies. Since Mars is already retrograde and Mercury on his way there, what will happen will be closer to spinning in place than moving forward. The whole weekend could feel suspended in time, with so many bodies in earth signs and the planet of communication and travel effectively not moving. Sounds like a formula for a lazy, indulgent time, if a bit weird. Don’t be fixated on outcome (think back to the massive weirdness of last Friday evening.) Just accept, deal with and, best case scenario, enjoy whatever wafts (or blasts) your way.

For more on this week, read my day by day forecasts and listen to my five-minute podcast.

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