Something’s Coming: Forecast for March 5-11, 2012

Say goodbye to the relatively quiet, if sometimes disorienting, tone of recent weeks. Have you been longing for action? It’s coming. This week brings a few noticeable atmospheric shifts and lots of staging for big, big developments next week.

All that groundwork you’ve been doing for months — all that maddeningly slow and steady preparation that’s been underway — is on the brink of blossoming and paying off. Next week an aspect becomes exact that has been loosely with us on and off since November: the grand trine (I mistyped it as “ground trine” again!) linking Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in the three earth signs.

As if to bless the fruition that’s coming, Venus is joining their line-up now. Before most of us awaken Monday morning, she is entering Taurus, the more sensual and earthy of her two homes. (Saturn’s in her other one, the more refined and verbal sign of Libra.) Her homecoming bodes well for relationship and financial matters, which are up for more solid, grounded and rewarding form. The easy, natural comfort she has in Taurus will carry over into them and also smooth the sometimes troubled waters we’ve been experiencing lately.

Her unabashed enjoyment of physical existence is an open invitation to go out in nature, savor food and drink, admire beauty, wear clothes and engage in activities that make you feel good, and generally have a good time. Kindred spirits will be gravitating to each other and making merry, just because they can. The opportunity opens to heal some old wounds when Venus reaches out to Chiron over the weekend. Let the good vibes awaken you to awareness AND appreciation of the bounty that already exists in your life. That is the starting point for maximizing what more is coming.

Signs of that will be emerging with expansive Jupiter and action-oriented Mars gliding into position for next week’s round robin. Thursday’s Full Moon in Virgo will review your efforts so far and point out where there’s room for improvement. (More in my mooncast, which will be posted on Wednesday.) Continue your groundwork. This is not the time to let up; it’s the home stretch for the first big flush of growth.

One more of next week’s developments starts making itself known Friday when Mercury arrives at the degree where he will retrograde on Monday. He and Mars are in each other’s signs now, a condition called mutual reception, which blends their energies. Since Mars is already retrograde and Mercury on his way there, what will happen will be closer to spinning in place than moving forward. The whole weekend could feel suspended in time, with so many bodies in earth signs and the planet of communication and travel effectively not moving. Sounds like a formula for a lazy, indulgent time, if a bit weird. Don’t be fixated on outcome (think back to the massive weirdness of last Friday evening.) Just accept, deal with and, best case scenario, enjoy whatever wafts (or blasts) your way.

For more on this week, read my day by day forecasts and listen to my five-minute podcast.

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