Report Card: 2012 Virgo Full Moon

March 8, 2012
1:41 AM PDT / 4:41 AM EDT / 9:41 AM GMT
18 Virgo 13 / 18 Pisces 13

How has your life been different since February? What new dreams and potentials have been taking shape? What has caused confusion or disorientation? How has your sensitivity increased? Answers are coming now with the Virgo Full Moon, the first report card on the new Piscean phase of our lives.

For those of us in the western hemisphere, this report arrives during the overnight hours, when our conscious minds are on break. The timing is appropriate, and not merely because Neptune rules the dreamtime. With his otherworldly influence in the waters of his own sign of Pisces now, logical, will-driven approaches haven’t been working well lately. Our minds will be chewing on the data as it comes in Wednesday and after the Full Moon peaks. But it’s the subconscious that will initially take in, process and assimilate the information.

Some perspective is coming on what has been happening lately. The weeks since the Pisces New Moon on Feb. 20 have immersed us in some pretty unusual waters, filled with magic and inspiration as well as disillusionment and sorrow. When you’re in the middle of action, it can be hard to grasp the full picture. When you’re in water, it’s impossible to perceive individual drops — and sometimes the entire contours of the body, if it’s big enough. We’ve got a shot at that now. Virgo has a knack for seeing boundary lines, spotting details and examining what could be improved. In this week’s examination, the Moon has the assistance of Mars, ruler of our drive and energy, who has passed her in his march backward through the sign of Virgo.

He’s been on a fix-it mission since his retrograde began in January. That mission turns now to analyzing the health of our boundaries, our bodies, our systems, our routines and our dreams — with a focus on how they are or are not emotionally nourishing and satisfying.

The field of analysis is bigger than that, though. Mars is on his way to the completion of a wonderful flow of energy in the earth signs next week, a configuration called a grand trine from Venus and Jupiter in Taurus to Mars in Virgo to Pluto in Capricorn and back again. This line-up will solidify groundwork that has been in process since last June and lead to the metaphoric garden flourishing to come in the spring.

Mars is pulling that process, and that grounding and blossoming, into the Full Moon. It’s delivering a clearer and clearer picture of what’s growing from our efforts. We’re seeing the nature, extent and fullness of our ground work more precisely. This includes, of course, realizing what could be stronger, healthier, more efficient or more supportive.

An improvement campaign is likely to follow, but it won’t be a frenzy of spring cleaning. Earth energy is careful and methodical. The Virgo Moon will want to analyze and strategize before jumping into too much action, although she does find sanity in simple tasks of organizing, decluttering and cleaning. Chart a course, take your time, and be opening to making course corrections as the need becomes apparent.

The skies won’t rush you. The Moon’s ruler, Mercury, is stationing on Friday to go retrograde, which will add to the general vibe of re-do and discourage quick action. Mars will keep the emphasis on methodical rather than fast, too. He is retrograde into April and won’t cross the degree of the Virgo Full Moon until mid-June. You’ve got time.

For now, pay attention to your dreams midweek, especially between Wednesday and Thursday. Notice what’s in your thoughts Thursday, and especially any irritations or annoyances. They’re clues. What have you achieved? What have you created or built? How could you make it bigger, better and more rewarding? How are you taking care of yourself? What could you tweak to feel more sober, healthy, grounded and intact?

One caveat: If you find yourself turning another person into an improvement project, STOP. The other person isn’t at fault for (or even the source of) the shortcomings or irritations that have caught your focus. Shift the analysis to yourself.

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