Early Spring: Forecast for March 12-18, 2012

Click here for my musings on the Naptune/Chiron nature of the grief over Davy Jones’ passing.

This is a major week. Pay off is here! Long-simmering developments are leaving the realm of dream, concept or goal and taking real, solid, concrete form. The blossoming isn’t a single flush, either, but a retrograde-prolonged process that will play out for weeks. And not only do we witness a vibrant garden springing up, but we also get a new vantage point for viewing it.

This week, a configuration comes together that has been building since November. It’s an easy flow of energy called a grand trine among the three earth signs — which means this flow will affect, involve and play out in the physical world. Venus, the goddess of earthly delights, is in her sensual Taurus home with boundlessly expansive Jupiter, who has been working over a tiny patch of ground since last June. Mars, the ruler of our drive and actions, is in Virgo, with all its bent for detail, healthiness, boundaries and organization. Pluto, the agent of unavoidable change and transformation, is in Capricorn, which rules structures, foundations, institutions and long-term security. The energy flowing freely among these players is strengthening and firming up your groundwork, weeding, fertilizing and summoning growth in your garden, and delivering results from all the prep work you have been doing. (The weeding, pruning and restructuring could be extreme, much like what happened in July and late October.)

Two retrogrades will extend the life of this influence. One retrograde influence is Mercury, the planet that rules our information flow and how we get around. He retrogrades on Monday morning and will be effectively sitting still when the trine perfects on Wednesday. It will take till late Friday for him to leave the degree of his retrograde, so the bulk of the week could have a decidedly slo-mo air to it. He will travel retrograde until April 4.

The other retrograde influence is Mars, who will be backtracking through Virgo until mid-April and will not clear the degree of the trine until mid-May. The apparent backward journey of mind and will means that this week’s solidifying and blossoming is only a first wave, likely to be followed by several more — or an ongoing process of becoming real, sturdy and reliable.

The usual Mercury retrograde precautions apply now. Review, investigate, repair and complete old business, but delay new projects and agreements. Communication and travel are both likely to hit snarls, especially with Neptune’s fog so potent and thick these days. Misfiring communication will be rampant (hence the need to postpone agreements), with people hearing one thing and thinking another, or operating from different sets of assumptions, or outright lying. The potential for confusion or deceit will grow as this retrograde progresses, because it will take Mercury out of impulsive Aries and back into the formless, nonverbal mental processes of Pisces. Oh, goodie, right? Don’t despair. You may find something in the water that you accidentally dropped or left behind. For more, consult my retrograde survival guide.

Mercury does have one surprise for us as he gets moving this week. After he leaves his retrograde station, he meets up again with awakening Uranus, the agent of unforeseeable change. They were last together on March 4, but you may not be able to pinpoint their handiwork in retrospect, since their pow-wow was predawn. This Sunday’s event should be more obvious; it’s in the middle of the day. Their teamwork lobs a lightning bolt into your thinking, and brings a startling message or shift in perspective. Look at it as blowing the carbon out. No matter how minor or shocking this lightning bolt may be, it’s ultimately freeing for you.

There’s more in my extended weekly forecast and short weekly podcast.

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