Spring Awakening: Forecast for March 19-25, 2012

Spring is here! We are going to be feeling it inside and out. Motivation is returning. Fire, enthusiasm and drive are coming back to the fore. Our engines are igniting and revving. Given the other themes in the sky, however, this energetic shift will not be neat and tidy. Exciting, yes. Steamy, yes. Producing results? Well, maybe not yet. And not if you think that means proceeding from Point A to Point B….

The element of earth is still very much in the picture, with last week’s grand trine continuing to birth solid, tangible, real developments (and solid, real, tangible endings and departures). The mists and waters of Pisces are surrounding, softening, soothing and confusing us. The fire coming now from Aries doesn’t operate the same way as what’s been transpiring.

Earth and water together produce fertile territory for growth. What causes the seed to sprout and break through the ground is the raw life force of fire — not soft, not nurturing, but forceful and on its own. We get a double-barreled blast of that with the Sun entering Aries (Monday night or Tuesday overnight, depending on your time zone) and the New Moon happening in Aries on Thursday. (Look for my mooncast on the site Wednesday.)

Here’s the catch: As energized as that is, we’re not free to run willy-nilly yet. We are still subject to the earth-sign dominance of the sky, to the gentle-to-confounding watery mists, and most of all to insistent backtracking of the retrograde of not just Mercury, but also Mars, the ruler of our drive as well as the sign of Aries. We’ll leap forward and something will tug at our sleeves (or yank our chain) and suddenly we’ll be back in territory we thought we’d already covered.

Growth is happening. Progress is occurring. Everything remains slow and methodical, though, even if we are compelled to lunge ahead like colts breaking out of a corral. Pacing is important. We’re in a marathon, not a sprint; any sprinting that we do manage to pull off is a trial run. Preparing is still a significant part of the tasks before us, at least until Mars starts speeding ahead mid-April.

Don’t look ahead. Focus on now. This week’s energies will color the entire spring, since they are in place at the season’s start. The explosion of Aries vitality is only one of the new elements of the week and, by extension, season. (It is, by the way, advance work for the clash that’s coming in June between the two cosmic change agents, unpredictable Uranus in Aries and unavoidable Pluto in Capricorn.)

The Sun and Mercury are trading places, each ending the week about where the other started, like castling the king and a rook in chess. The Sun is moving from 28 Pisces to 5 Aries, while Mercury is retrograding from 3 Aries to 28 Pisces. With a personal planet in the waters along with Neptune and Chiron, the Piscean influence will remain personal in feel and effect. It will also dampen or diffuse some of the fieriness we would otherwise be experiencing of Aries — likely sending off steam or escalating those mists.

The sign shift will also affect how we think, talk and get around. Mercury will be returning, briefly, to a conceptual, nonlinear, nonrational mode of expression. We’ll be soaking up emotion, information and guidance (some of which won’t belong to us). If we have a clear connection to guidance and follow it, this could be a useful counterpart to the intuitive impulses of Aries. If the channel is clogged or jammed, though, we could be springing to action on cloudy or mistaken information. To be safe, ground yourself when getting behind the wheel or stepping onto public transportation. And keep in mind that other travelers could be off in a fog.

There is, of course, also a benefit to this sign shift. Mercury will be revisiting turf he passed through in late February through the first few days of March. It will be possible to pick up threads that slipped by the first time around, or learn more about situations or people that surfaced then.

This week also brings a prolonged meeting between the Sun and Uranus. They link by declination on Thursday and by zodiacal degree on Saturday, a one-two contact that is known as a super-conjunction. This blast promises to be energizing and liberating on a deeply personal level. The meeting is delivering the rocket fuel to make like a sprouting seed and burst out of safe confines to grow and blossom on your own. Keep this in mind if events erupt that are initially startling, shocking or seemingly destructive.

Speaking of which: collective events are likely with a bittersweet to mournful tone this week, with Chiron closing in on a challenging aspect to the North Node. This could involve a wound to the ocean or water supply (the Deepwater well did blow out within hours of Chiron’s entry into Pisces, after all), or a disaster that inspires aid efforts from afar, or another death that creates a community of emotion and grieving. An underdog, underclass or victim element is also possible, such as the governmental ganging up on women’s right to control their bodies (Chiron does rule mastery of the physical) that’s been escalating. (Here’s one to get you started: Texas has lost all funding for women’s health care programs because of a law the legislature passed targeting Planned Parenthood.) The bigger picture impact will be heightening connectedness and awareness that we are all in this (situation, country, life, planet) together.

Don’t worry about what might be, though. Stay in the present. Enjoy the rebirth of life force in your being. And go outside and enjoy the rebirth taking place all around.

There’s more in my extended weekly forecast and short weekly podcast.

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